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05 October 2013 @ 10:18 pm
The Storms Legacy - 9.3  

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WARNING: Strong language, sexual themes, single handed overpopulation from one family, wedding bells

It's been awhile! Sorry about the weird formatting this update, but LJ did something screwy and I'm too lazy to fix it. Anyway, I'll make this recap brief so we can get right to the update...

Last Time: Caroline was a cutie. Lorlei threw a Snowflake Day gifting party, but it was interrupted when Sailor (simstrology) went into labor. Nicolai and Georgia (simmypulsey) aged into Elders. Lorelei and Hinto (randuhh) had a second child named Lothario after the founding spouse, Don Lothario. And then they were immediately pregnant again. *rolls eyes* Spring came and Lothario became a Toddler. Lorelei gave birth to creepy twins named Zero and Andromeda. Lorelei and </b> Hinto went for a romantic balloon ride and got engaged. Caroline aged up into a Child. Usa the Unicorn aged up into a beautiful unicorn mare, but that meant Delphi and Mocha had to leave us. < /3 And that's where I left you all those months ago! D:

Toddlers making the poop face is just about the cutest thing. Even in RL, toddlers just look perplexed like they don't know what's happening.

It's nice having a great-grandma to keep you squeaky clean too.

Zoya: Feeling better, Lothario?

Zoya: Always wear your best clothes before you enter a bathroom. You never know who you're going to meet.
Lothario: Um...
Zoya: I'm setting a good example.

I think Lothario prefers to be naked. Like, all the time.

Georgia (simmypulsey): Who's making all that noise? Is that you?! The sun isn't even up yet!

Georgia: Why are you acting so onery?! I'm going to have to talk to Mom about her bovine perennial-


I guess when the sun finally rose, the cowplant decided it could just photosynthesize and spit poor Georgia out.

Georgia: I better not have lost any muscle mass from that or you're turning into mulch.

This is me spoiling Caroline. Dress her in cute, comfy PJs, having the chef make her favorite meal for breakfast, watching her smile softly because she's so happy. ;.;

Nooo, you don't have to do your homework or get ready for school. You can play in the playground in your backyard aaall day long. ♥

Part of me doesn't want her to go to school because I'll miss her too much. Adults are so boring. I'd rather play with a house full of kids doing kid things, even though Caroline tends to keep entirely to herself.

...though I suppose Zoya is entertaining despite being a near-immortal old lady.

Zoya: I smell science.


At the one club in Riverview, Lorelei is having a get-together with a handful of friends and family, including my favorite townie-turned-paparazzo Gwen Glover.

Gwen: Aren't you going to change into fancy dress?

Lorelei: Naw, just this. So, we're all fancy, and at a bar! Anyone want a drink? I can't taste it or get drunk, but I like the bubbles-

Sailor (simstrology): I've got some bubbles if it's bubbles you want.
Lorelei: Sailor-

Yay, Meldoy (ohmysims) and Calliope (kittenmittons) made it too! (And I think Melody is pregnant, how adorable.)

Melody: What kind of bar doesn't have pineapple juice?! I have limited drinking choices just in my condition, you know, I didn't drive all the way out to this creepy warehouse to drink water all night-
Lorelei: Isn't there another kind of juice you like, Mel-?
Melody: This party is falling apart.

Lorelei: Wait here, Mel, I'm going to go find a bottle of apple cider that you can drink all by yourself in a dark corner.
Melody: Hey if you can't handle a little criticism-

Lorelei: I can handle criticism, I come from a long line of artists-
Georgia: Hey there~!

The dancers that showed up look terrified. Thanks for calling them, Gwen.

Dancer: So...I just dance?
Calliope: Yeah.
Dancer: And...you guys are going to watch?
Calliope: Are you new to this, friend? Here, I'll show you how it's done...

Meanwhile...Zoya decided to die. Again.

Parties are everyone's favorite place to die.

Melody: Who's that creeping up behind me?
Grim Reaper: Yo.
Melody: Worst party ever.

Lorelei: But Grandma!!!
Yan (comradecube): Wrong day to come out to the bar...

Grim Reaper: It's time, Zoya. No more tricks or cheating death with mad science.
Zoya: Okay, you win, Mr. Death. But first! I grew this flower for you, isn't it lovely??
Grim Reaper: One of your ancestors gave me a flower just like this once. Are you trying to bribe me to let you live?
Zoya: I just thought you'd like it-

Grim Reaper: Okay, you can live longer.
Zoya: But-
Grim Reaper: No arguing, you're getting your corporeal body back.

Lorelei: Yay, you're not dying after all, Grandma!
Zoya: I guess if I want to be a ghost I have to make another one of those chemical elixers...
Georgia: ...

The drama of a second-hand near-death experience and shy party dancers was too much for poor Georgia.

Meanwhile, the rest of the part raged on.

Lorelei: Mom, you're awake! Did you have a nice nap? Anyway, I need someone to make a toast to my coming nuptials, you can do that right?

Georgia: Hey everybody! My daughter is getting married, let's party!
Lorelei: Okay...A little different than what I expected, but okay.

Georgia: Lighten up, baby girl, you're getting married tomorrow. Enjoy your party!
Lorelei: Mom! You know I can't taste alcohol or metabolize it! It's just going to make me wet!

Lorelei: Oh, what the hell.

It was...quite a party.

Zoya took pity on the shy party dancers and told them to take a break and eat something. Poor fellas.

Shy Dancer #1: It was nice of that lady to give us food.
Shy Dancer #2: These are the best buffalo wings I've ever had.

Zoya turned out to be a better dancer anyway.

I think your butt is ringing, Zo.

Zoya: Sure, I can meet you in a bit, it's just my granddaughter's bachelorette party. It's winding down anyway. What did you have in mind?

Aphpo wanted to go on a date.

Aphpo: I understand that it is a human courting ritual to admire the luminous plasma spheres.
Zoya: We call them stars, but yeah.

Aphpo: 'Stars?'
Zoya: Much more romantic than 'luminous plasma spheres', don't you think? Oh look, there's the constellation Leo! See how it's shaped like a lion?
Aphpo: I do not.
Zoya: You aliens need to exercise your imagination muscle.
Aphpo: That is not an anatomically accurate-

Meanwhile at the party...

Alien Lady: I have mastered the hip motion your species uses to attract consorts.
Shy Dancer #2: How romantic. ♥♥♥

Lorelei tries her hand at sexy dancing.

Whoops. You need to practice moving in those heels, beloved.

Lorelei: I hope nobody saw that...

Passed out on the floor in a grungy bar bathroom.


Lorelei: This is shameful. I'm a vampire, I shouldn't be this affected by alcohol.

Aw, sweetheart. You're also really sleep deprived. Go home and get a good night sleep for your wedding tomorrow.

Lorlei: OMG hey guise it's my wedding day! :DDDD LOL!

Her blog is going well.

Caroline, in her fashion, enjoyed spending that morning by herself playing her games of pretend.

Caroline: Yippee!

Why are you so cuuuute...

Hinto: Oh gods, I think I'm going to be...*ulp*...ill!
Georgia: Dressing rooms and bathrooms are underground, you better get down there and pull yourself together before Lori gets here. It's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.

Zoya: Grey skies are going to clear up, right Hinto?!
Hinto: *incoherently groans*

Who cares if it's bad luck to see each other before the wedding? Hinto was feeling much better as soon as he saw Lorelei. And Lori was content to spend time with him before the guests arrived.

Lorelei: We scored! 100% meant to be!
Hinto: There was never any doubts, sweetheart.

Hinto: It's romantic, isn't it?
Lorelei: Yes it is. ♥

Zoya: So are we having a wedding, or...?

Seneca and Calliope were getting worked up over the romantic festivities.

Tilly (berrysweetshoppe): But I can't see!

Caroline: Uncle Toby, I can trust you to answer this truthfully. Would it be a total faux pas for me to ditch this crowd and hit the buffet table before everyone else gets there?
October: Probably. You'd miss your parents saying their vows.
Caroline: Am I bovvered though?

Lorelei: What a nice sunny day for our wedding. Nice for everyone but me, anyway, I was hoping for a little cloud cover.
Hinto: Are you okay?
Lorelei: Of course, Hinto.

Hinto: Okay, I just worry. You're skin isn't burning?
Lorelei: Hinto, stop worrying, this is a happy day. Let's get married.

October: It's so beautiful!
Calliope: I'm so happy I'm part of the Storms legacy!
Melody: *sniff* I love weddings.
Elendil: Want to go find a quiet corner to get frisky in?
Melody: *sniffle, sniff* Sure.

Zoya: Hooray!
Nicolai: It sure is nice to see them so happy.

Mmmmm, cake time.

Hinto: This is turning out to be quite the swanky shindig!
Lorelei: I know! Not bad for the last legacy wedding.

sdfghjkl; I just love them so much.

Oh yeah, Lorelei and Hinto got married on another full moon. Seneca and Calliope are feeling some minor effects.

Seneca: Ergh Argh egghr ooogh.
Hinto: Excuse me, dear, I think my best-friend would like to have a word with me.
Lorelei: Of course, anything for you and my big brother.

Hinto: Oh Seneca! Did you and your wife get all zombified for my wedding?! That's so cool! You're such a good friend!
Elendil: He smells, Lori-
Lorelei: Leave it alone, Ele.

Hinto: Awesome!
Elendil: No. Not awesome. Zombies are not awesome.

Lorelei and Hinto kept a tradition alive in the photobooth.

Lorelei: Oh baby, I'm keeping this one.

She's so beautiful. And happy to be married. It was really adorable how often she did this.

Georgia: What a lovely evening.
Caroline: Yep.
Georgia: You didn't watch it, did you Carrie?
Caroline: Nope. Been enjoying the buffet table all night.

I can tell, cutie.

Look at those cheeks. I want to pinch them. :3

Back at home, Blue is getting old. *tears*

Still a beautiful mare. ♥

The twins are aging up too! I only caught Andromeda sparkling.

Babies. ♥

Andromeda is a vampire-imaginary friend hybrid who is a Genius Virtuoso.

Her brother, Zero is also a vampire-imaginary friend hybrid and he's a Brave Loner. He also somehow got his grandfather's skin like Lothario.

Lorelei: Look how big Mommy's babies have gotten!
Zero: Um...okay?

Lorelei: I love you so much, little Zero.

Lorelei: Yuck. I have not felt right since my bachelorette party.

Yes, and I'm sure it has nothing to do with the wall you're merging with.

Lorelei: Not again...

Wedding pictures. ♥

My baby Caroline loved the rain. And I think puddle jumping is one of the best things to happen in Sims Seasons.

Caroline: Splish splash, sploosh splish! Rain and puddles and ponds and fish!

Lothario: I will make a city of blocks and all the block city inhabitants will adore me.

Andromeda: Charming, Loth. A city full of Lothario Storms worshipers? Sounds like a dystopia to me.

Zero: He doesn't know what that means, Mimi, he doesn't have a vampire's thinking power.
Andromeda: Aw, poor baby.
Lothario: Whatevs, I just need more blocks.

Zero: ♫♪ Hide all the blocks for the ci-ty! ♪♫
Lothario: Dude, don't even!

A pick where Zero and Andromeda are acting like real toddlers.

Look at that face. Irresistible.

Nicolai: What a big girl!
Andromeda: Well...it's not like it's that hard.

Lothario: Why isn't anyone paying attention to meee?

I'm sure Lorelei is pregnant. I'm also sure this first trimester is doing a number on her since she's nauseous all the time and napping regularly.

Lorelei: Oh, gods.

Poor baby.

Hinto: What if you have bird flu?! Shingles?! FLESH-EATING DISEASE?!!
Lorelei: Hinto, you're freaking out.

Lorelei: I'm just pregnant.
Hinto: Ah. Business as usual then.

Lorelei: Time to find myself that pink diamond.

So fierce.

Lorelei: Oh, don't tell me you're jammed.

Lorelei: COME ON!

She did it!

Lorelei: Oh gods, this is a lot deeper than I thought...!

Bye! Have fun underground!

Caroline doing yet another an activity by herself.

To tell you the truth, this is the kind of lonesome activity I could get behind. Warm spring evening, relaxing in the pool, with an interesting book. Sigh.

Caroline: I. Am. Good.

I bought Zoya the the science station gizmo thing because she kept rolling wishes related to it and I am a complete pushover when it comes to Zoya's whims.

Zoya: IT'S A SEED!

Bless. ♥

Lorelei: Hugh Everett then hypothesized that the multiple world complex - are you sure you want me to read you this logic book before bed?
Caroline: It's putting me right to sleep, Mom.

Lorelei: You definitely have the Storms dry sense of humor. Goodnight, baby girl.

Nicolai: I love that space suit.
Georgia: Why don't you show me how much?

They will never act their age, will they?

Zo. What is up with that science seed you planted?

This better not be what I think it is...

Zoya: Not exactly what I expected.

Lorelei: Looks like my other babies needs attention!
Hermione: I hope you mean caviar.

Lorelei: Time for a bath-HEY!
Hermione: LOL NOPE!

This will cheer you up, Lori. A beautiful heart-shaped pink diamond!

Lorelei: And now I'll begin my secret experiment.

Lorelei: WHOA! And I was just getting into the grove!

While our beloved heiress is at the hospital, Penelope aged into an old dog.

Still adorable.

For some reason, the hospital glitched and Nicolai found the new baby outside the front door. Meet Winter Storms.

Nicolai: Nice to meet you, young lady. Did you know you're named after my favorite cousin?

Zero: But I wanted to play with the yellow car!
Lothario: Grandma said it's important for us to share!
Zero: No! You can't even appreciate the intricacies of a such a finely crafted toy!

Hermione: Why are the small hairless cats so noisy?
Howell: Nevermind. Let's just find where they keep their food.

I bought the violin and Hinto wasted no time in finding it.

He doesn't look particularly introspective.

Hinto: I'm too happy to brood. I have five beautiful, healthy children.

Nicolai: Do you know what never gets old, Georgie?
Georgia: Not my thoracic spine, that's for sure.

Nicolai: Remember this trick?
Georgia: NIKKI! You nostalgic old geezer. ♥

A couple days after Winter was born, Lorelei was recovered enough to get back to her secret experiment.


Lorelei: IT'S ALIIIVE!

Meet Go Storms.

We're not going to keep him long, but he's entertaining.

Caroline: Check it out, Go! I got a badge for knowing the most science fiction references!

Go: That's right up my ally, as they say!
Caroline: Hehe. I like you, Go. I can talk to you without talking to a real person.

Ah. That's not all that kind, Carrie.

Though it is strange how she flocks to Go and not a flesh-n-blood family member.

Oh goody! Sparkling baby!

Looking a bit like a Lorelei clone, but good job on your face anyway, Loth.

So like I said...Lothario appears to have the exact same face as Lorelei. He just has Georgia's eye color and Nicolai's skin instead of Lorelei's. :P He rolled Virtuoso for his third trait. I'm starting to think the secret goal of the tenth generation is to form an underground band.


Hermione: Now find me some food!
Lothario: Sheesh, what gives?! I thought cats were supposed to be sweet.

I think Lothario is growing on me, despite being a clone. ♥

Until next time. ♥

Calliope Elysees credit goes to kittenmittons
Sailor Winter credit goes to simstrology
Melody Hitch credit goes to ohmysims
Hinto Amitola credit goes to randuhh
Georgia Tempo credit goes to simmypulsey

Thanks for reading! ♥
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lovelyheralovelyhera on October 7th, 2013 12:50 am (UTC)
So are you ending when this Gen becomes Young Adults? Or until the birth of Gen 11? I'll be very sad to see the Storms go.
scorpiosimsscorpiosims on October 7th, 2013 09:04 am (UTC)
AH YOUR STILL ALIVE! So glad Zoya is still alive, feels like it wouldn't be an update without her cheating death and continue her life. xD Kids are adorable, I hope you will have a poll to vote for who would be the next heir IF the legacy was continue and hope you will show us some spare kids even if you have to cheat a bit and roll them in CAS:P
tyrfishtyrfish on October 8th, 2013 12:52 pm (UTC)
Lorelei is so beautiful :3 As are all of her children <3<3 I'll be so sad to see the Storms go.
Ah, Zoya. I love how she cheats death regularly. She always makes me laugh too.
Penelope is such a cute old dog <3
Great update!
Hayleyeverlove44 on October 12th, 2013 04:08 pm (UTC)
Every time Zoya dies I get worried that she's really dying and then Grim just lets her live. I can't handle these feels >.< But I will because I love Zoya and her craziness.

I can't believe Lorelei and Hinto are the last to get married, it doesn't seem like it's been ten generations yet.
iavasechuiiavasechui on November 9th, 2014 06:10 pm (UTC)
Did something happen? It's been so long since the last update I'm genuinely worried...
Jacquelinevayleen on November 9th, 2014 11:40 pm (UTC)
I'm very sorry I worried you. (-.-) I moved to tumblr last year. I updated LJ with links to the tumblr updates, but you can find current Storms material here. Sorry again for the trouble! ♥