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10 January 2011 @ 08:12 am
The Storms Legacy - 1.0  

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Obviously this is my first attempt at a legacy. But it's not only that - this is my first time in the history of the Sims that I've reached out to the community at large by joining this legacy fiasco. I've been plaything these crazy Sims games for years. My relationship with these ridiculously addicting, mind-numbing, wonderful games has been a steady one for over a decade. My goodness. And now I'm going to display it proudly for the internet to see, and the internet isn't what it was a decade ago, so that's saying something. Look here, World Wide Web! I'm a Sims geek! And you can't make fun of me for it, because... well, because... all these other people are Simmers too!

Yeah, that's right! We've got a NICKNAME for each other! That's not nerdy at all!

Anyway. Enough about me. Let's get on with the legacy! I'm really excited for you guys to meet my founder.

Guys, this is our Founder, Carolyn Storms. She's named after a character in a novel I wrote two years ago. Other than that, they're not that similar. When I saw those last two traits I thought "That's not going to be useful at all in Riverview" but what can you do.

Carolyn is a Cancer, and she loves Indie music, Cobbler, and Lilac. Her LTW is she wants to be a Rock Star.

This is the shack house that Cary built.

These are the shots I took of the house before Carolyn went inside. I've tweaked it a bit since then, especially the bedroom, when I realized she didn't have enough room to get into the bed. But you will all see more of that later. For now, let's see what Carolyn is up to.

First thing my girl thought of when she walked into her adorable home is about her career wish.
Carolyn: I will make sweet, sweet music.

Who am I to disagree? Carolyn heads down to the theatre and joins the Music Career.

Next thing she does is go all the way home to get her guitar. Next time don't forget it! Cabs are expensive in this economy.

Also, she digs the old Hollywood painting I stuck on a wall.
Carolyn: *pump fist* Diamonds are a girls best friend!
I knew you'd love it, baby.

Carolyn heads back to town center to play in the park. Unfortunately, Fatima Simovitch thought of the same thing. Bitch.

Carolyn is immediately watched by Constance Shelly. And Shelly rocks out a bit, even though Carolyn sucks. She's never played a guitar in her life.
Constance: I may look like a librarian, but I'm a Metalhead. And I love the sound of screaming cats.
Carolyn: How do I keep my @#*$&%£! fingers from getting caught in the strings?!

She ends up attracting quite a crowd. Probably because she's so enthusiastic when she plays that thing. It's actually pretty adorable.

Around this time, I think "Okay, I think it's time to meet some boys. You are a Legacy Founder after all." So Carolyn starts chatting up the random dudes walking by the bookstore.

First is Bob Newbie. He was enjoying the lousy playing, so Carolyn walks up to him first.

Carolyn: Hi, I'm Carolyn. I'm new in town.
Bob: Nice to meet you.
Carolyn: I just got a new house. It's a cute little shack just down the way-
Bob: Can you be anymore boring? I hate hearing about attractive new girls living in new houses.

That didn't go well at all. And there's Buck what's-his-face watching them. I wonder if he's thinking Bob is an idiot for shooting the pretty redhead down after one sentence.

I sure do.

Anyway, Carolyn moves on to the next unsuspecting victim random guy leaving the bookstore.

And it's John Lessen! They immediately start chatting.
John: You're a photographer?
Carolyn: Well, not yet, but I'd like to take it up-
John: I think photography is THIS cool!

It is around this point that I reminisce about another game where I had a Sim with John Lessen as a roommate. And how every conversation they had inevitably turned into a conversation about John for some reason.

Carolyn: You are such a snob! I mean, what's so great about you? So your biceps are bigger than my neck. Whatever!
At which point John-boy simply walks away.

Notice the guy walking by? Well he's our next innocent player.

This, my dears, is Don Lothario.

One of the first things Carolyn discovers is that's Don is unemployed. But that's okay. Everything is fixable.
One of the second things Carolyn discovers is he's not put off by her enthusiastic house gushing.
Don: I love attractive new girls living in new houses!
Score one for Donny.

They have a long talk. They talk about everything. Photography, theatre, books, etc. The sun starts setting.

Carolyn actually looks like she's enjoying herself.

Carolyn: Someday I'm going to have so much money that I'll fill a swimming pool with emeralds. And then I'm going to take off all my clothes and bathe in them.
Don Lothario apparently finds this image a turn on. Look at that sly brow.

We also find out that Don is a Schmoozer. Carolyn immediately rolls the wish to find out two more of Don's traits.

I didn't get an image of this, because I'm a total no0b and I suck, but Bob Newbie passes out next to them, and they both do this adorable "Oh my!" expression in total synchronization. Poor Bobby. That's karma for you.

Carolyn is just about starving at this point because she's never eaten before. So she heads home and I test the culinary luck of our Storms Founder.

She looks like she knows what she's doing, right? Mac'n'cheese is pretty easy anyway.

Smells delicious. I hope her hair doesn't catch on fire the way she's leaning over the stove like that...

What the f--? It was fine a moment ago.

Carolyn: *starving* *stares at wall in despair*
Well, she can't eat that. She's going to have enough nausea problems sometime soon without having to eat that nasty food.

So. Soup is the first meal a Storms has ever eaten. Let that be taken to record.

After soup, Carolyn plays her guitar outside. This turns out to be her favorite place to play the guitar, which only annoys me because she loses a few of her mood meters I decorated her interior for. But she needs the skill, so, yeah.

Then Carolyn goes to sleep and dreams of her first day at work. Those sheets are made from one of my favorite EA fabric patterns. I wish I had sheets like that.

The next morning Carolyn gets up and attempts to cook again. This time, waffles. And it works! Huzzah!
Carolyn: *nomnomnom* First good meal mood meter.

Then time passes. She goes to work. After work, Carolyn calls Don Lothario because she rolled a "Chat with Don" wish and she meets him at the Watering Hole next door.

(On a side note, if anyone knows of a wicked Late Night update made to the Riverview Watering Hole, please send it my way. I'd love to explore more of Carolyn's Party Animal traits to increase her aspiration awards and I suck at updating Lots. No one goes. It's sad.)

In order to impress Don, Carolyn's Daredevil trait comes into play. And she eats dirt right off the ground! CRAZY!

Who could resist that sweet face?
Carolyn: Can't say I won't try anything now, can you?
Don: Oh, gods, no, I can't. *weebiejeebies*

Don and Carolyn get down to the Soul music playing on the stereo.

Things heat up and they start flirting. I love this picture of Carolyn's face when Don hugs her.
Carolyn: *heart eyes* You smell like cinnamon-y leather. And chocolate gummy bears.
Don: It's imported.
Yeah. From Walgreens.

First kiss. I love this shot.

Kissing apparently totally exhausted Donny. So Carolyn kisses him goodbye and goes home.

He apparently enjoyed himself because he wakes her up in the early morning.

...and immediately hangs up. (Is this a glitch I don't know about?) So Cary calls him back and invites him over.

Again I didn't get a good shot. (I suck. I promise to stop, I just need to practice.) But they kiss hello, and Carolyn decides to ask him what his sign is and if he's single. He says he's a Sagittarius. Okay, so they don't have compatible signs, but I don't despair. I'm a Saggi, and my brother is a Cancer, and we got along okay. My ex was a Cancer. Okay, that's not a good sign, but I have a few cool friends who are Cancers. It can work, right? Besides, he said he was single! That's a plus on the score card!

So Carolyn asks Don Lothario if he wants to be her boyfriend. And we discover another one of his traits.

WTF? Why the hell did Don come over and immediately start hitting on Carolyn?! Lame!


Nothing else happens. Carolyn says goodbye to Don and heads into town. Where she plays her guitar some more and ups her skill to 2.

I need to figure out how to make videos with sound. But isn't she precious?!

She also forgot to eat. Since work is starting soon, Carolyn heads to the store and buys an apple.

It is apparently the best apple ever because this is the goofy face she makes afterwards.
Carolyn: Delicious AND nutritious!

Anyway, I'm not sure I want to deal with wooing a Sim that has Commitment Issues if I'm starting a Legacy. So Carolyn doesn't call Don again even though every single wish she rolled has something to do with Donny. She wants to make-out with Don. She wants to hug Don amorously. She wants to hang-out with Don. She wants to massage Don. This on top of the wish I already saved for her, the "I want to discover two more of Don's traits" thing. Well, we're half way there. Why not?

Because he calls her in the middle of the night again. And then hangs up. (Is this a glitch? I'm wondering if her phone just doesn't work.)

It's too late to call him back, because it's after 12:00am, but I decide to let her call him the next day. She has a day off and nothing to do. Maybe a day of domestic bliss will warm him up a bit.

Carolyn invites Don over and immediately starts buttering him up. We're getting some of those wishes out of the way, folks.

They do some serious necking.


For a guy with Commitment Issues, he seems to be enjoying himself. Or maybe that's pain. Are you in pain, Donny?
Don: Don't really know. I've never been chased this hard by an obsessive ginger before. Maybe?

Looks like he is enjoying himself.

Carolyn: I want to "hold your hand".
Don: Is that a euphemism?

Survey says YES!
Don: Look, I'm not really sure about this. I've never gotten this far with a lady before because of my issues with interacting with other people in general-

Don: Okay then
Carolyn: *bliss*

Confetti hearts!

Afterwards, Carolyn gets up to do her business. She's been holding that awhile. When she's done, Don gets up to meet her in the sitting area, and does that weird dance Sims do when they get laid away from home. Cracks me up.

There's some more flirting. Carolyn discovers the third Don Lothario trait. He's Flirty.

Well, that explains some things.

Carolyn: Are you sure you don't want to be my boyfriend. I really like you and stuff.

Don: Sorry, toots.

I'm really not sure about Don. So I let my personal feelings get in the way and don't take much pictures of the "domestic bliss" that ensues the rest of the day. Here's a summary. Carolyn nurses her broken heart over the stove and cooks more waffles. Don eats them and gets a pleasant good meal moodlet. Then he hits the computer for some serious gaming while Carolyn reads a book and plays her guitar outside some more.

I start laughing. Like seriously laughing. These moments remind me of my own marriage. So much that I tell my husband, who's engrossed in Dead Space in the other room.
Me: Honey, my Sims act like us!
Him: What's that, sweetie? I'm trying to shoot this dude's limbs off!

How romantic!

Donny even looks like my guy too. The dark hair, the goatee, the strutting. Except my husband is taller and has even slyer eyebrows.

In any case, I warm up to Donny. Enough that when Carolyn rolls the "WooHoo with Don" wish, I let her march right over the that computer.

Carolyn: I'm turned on by how comfortable we are together.
Don: Maybe you're right.

Carolyn: Don't you think that maybe we belong together? That maybe we should at least try? Give it a go? A whirl? A chance? A shot?
Don: Well...
Carolyn: I'm not desperate or anything, honest!

(Wide shot so you can see his answer. <333) (Click here if your browser can't get the whole thing.)

So they're back of to the bedroom. And all the dirty dishes have mysteriously disappeared. *cough*

But wait, what's that noise?


Carolyn: And things were going so well! FML!
Donny's gonna be running faster than a wildcat on fire!

Thanks for reading, everyone! I hope you enjoyed it! And PLEASE, if you have any suggestions for a first-timer sim-lover like me, please comment! The whole reason I'm doing this is to get to know the Sims 3 community at large. I look forward to it!
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Nicoletiptoehappiness on April 18th, 2011 09:10 am (UTC)
YAY! How crazy it took me so long to find your legacy? LOL! But Carolyn is so freaking adorable & I am PUMPED Don is in this legacy! Best sim in Riverview by far *nods crazily*
Jacquelinevayleen on April 19th, 2011 03:26 am (UTC)
We just made friends, so not too terribly crazy. XD Don obviously grew on me quickly in this update.
hellosims_legacywish on May 19th, 2011 08:05 pm (UTC)
I am new to your legacy, I love it!!
Off to catch up, yeah!
Jacqueline: art sj the one with the yellow hairvayleen on May 24th, 2011 04:54 am (UTC)
Thanks so much!

Enjoy your reading. ♥
nickey_elyssenickey_elysse on July 21st, 2011 06:51 am (UTC)
You took to legacy writing like a fish to water. Perhaps the best first I've ever seen.
Jacquelinevayleen on July 22nd, 2011 09:59 pm (UTC)
I'm so pleased you enjoyed it, thank you so much! ♥♥
Brandi Belle: Hugh Laurielizbeth_mairead on December 6th, 2011 07:26 pm (UTC)
Carolyn is ADORABLE! Her house is really cute, too, haha! I love that you used Don. This will be interesting.
Jacqueline: sim3 cary stormsvayleen on December 21st, 2011 12:42 am (UTC)
My first sims house ever, and none to shabby. Don was an interesting choice, though I never played TS2, so I had no idea he had a reputation.
SuperBatCarbatmanmycracker on June 4th, 2012 01:45 pm (UTC)
Aaah. I read the latest update too soon.
Now I'm starting from the beginning.
Jacquelinevayleen on August 16th, 2012 07:45 am (UTC)
Enjoy! ♥
kcz421 on August 8th, 2012 08:21 am (UTC)
I am always on the prowl for Sims 3 legacies. Occasionally I'll find a good one here and there, and for various reasons, they rarely make it to the 10th generation, or whatever the end goal is for their Legacy challenges. Sometimes I do find one that makes it to the end of a challenge, and the writing is atrocious.

I stumbled across yours and am happy to say, this is a fantastic start; one of the few that hasn't irked me for some reason or another.

Happily looking forward to reading this from the beginning!
Jacquelinevayleen on August 16th, 2012 07:46 am (UTC)
With open world, 10 generations is a long haul for TS3 if you want to do it with a story. But it's worth it. ♥ I love my Storms.

I hope you enjoy! ♥
onilplayeronilplayer on August 8th, 2012 03:51 pm (UTC)
Well, frankly I usually don't read Sims 3 legacys (I'm a loyal S2 Player and don't really like how S3 looks...sometimes I have a look into S3 legacies but it only confirmed my disliking for the look of the game...the Bakers are the only other S3 legacy I ever enjoyed) but the cover picture of your latest update sparked my interest so I looked into it - and immediately fell in love with the house, your sims and the stuff you have them experience(your style in writing.
Now I'm going to work my way through from the very beginning because reading legacies works best if you know everything... I'm looking forward to more (good thing I'm on vacation right now ^^) and hopefully won't be too lazy to leave a comment here and there *whistles innocently* :)
Jacquelinevayleen on August 16th, 2012 07:48 am (UTC)
I lovelovelove the Bakers so we have that in common! Thank you for taking an interest in my little legacy. I'm glad you're enjoying it. It was a labor of love. ♥

I've been enjoying your comments! Thanks so much for reading! ♥