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10 January 2011 @ 08:29 am
The Storms Legacy - 1.3  

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When last we met, Carolyn and Don had a son named Clayton, and September aged up into a child. Also, Clayton aged up into a grumpy and loner toddler, but was still very cute. Carolyn and Don have marital issues like whoa. I put a poll up here asking everyone if they think Don should pursue his lifetime wish to be a Heartbreaker. So far, you guys are leaning towards "yes, of course" and I can't say I blame you. Lothario wouldn't be the Sims character we know and love if he wasn't.

On with it!

One of the first things September does as a Child is go up to the attic and marvel at her boig girl bed.
September: It's... it's so cool!

Carolyn begins the child rearing with Clayton.
Carolyn: Mommy wants to be a big star someday.

Carolyn: She's going to play rock music and sell lots of concert tickets.

Carolyn: Then she'll use the money to buy lots of cool things. Like a TV. And diamonds.

Carolyn: And if anyone gets in her way, there will be an "accident". Possibly involving a shovel.
Clayton: Shovel!
Carolyn: That's my big helper!

They're still poor as field mice, so September contributes by painting $2, $5 paintings.
September: I shall create that which is worthy of tears! A girl in a pink dress!
The tragedy!

Don continues to write. He published his first book, "Right, but Wrong" and his working on his second trashy book "Subtle Satin Sheets". Next is a biography about John Lessen called "Hetu, Bless You" for some reason.

BABY! coochycoochycoo!

Clayton: Where are those voices coming from?

Carolyn has a strange conversation with her clone.
September: I heard you talking to Clay about being a big star someday.

September: You mean, like, an actor? For the screen?

Carolyn: I was wanting more along the lines of music, sweetie.
(this hallway is so tiny, i couldn't see the girls without the walls down. there isn't really a toilet in the kitchen. :P)

September: But actors are cool, right? I mean, for television? You know, TV? *hinthint*
Maybe someday, Ember.

Carolyn loves her kids. She showers them with affection.

Don too. Mostly when they're babies though. When September aged up, he stopped interacting autonomously. :P

Don: OMG, the door! Who could it be in the middle of the afternoon?

It was Jon Lessen. Perhaps there to ask about his biography, but considering Carolyn was chatting with him of the phone before she left for work, I think Lessen was there for a non-biography related reason.

Especially since he zeroed in on the person who looks the most like Carolyn.
Lessen: Are you doing math homework? Musicians are good at math, so I can help.
September: OMG, a rockstar is in my house helping me with school!
Don: *stonily supervises*

Lessen: Now that you Dad left, we can talk about your Mom. Does she ever talk about me at home?
September: Um. Not really. She doesn't really talk about work at all.

Carolyn does finally come home, but she's so exhausted, she ignores her guest and her family and goes straight to bed. The rest of the family soon follows.

Lessen doesn't leave though. He makes a total ass of himself by waking up the kids after midnight after playing his guitar in front of the house for hours.
September: I've decided rock music sucks. Totally sucks.

Then he tries to steal the baby! WTF, dude?!

Much better homework helper if you ask me.
Don: Does your Mom ever talk about me to you?
September: (...)
Okay, maybe not. >.<

BIRTHDAY TIME! Our Founder is aging into Adulthood.


She's still got style, ya'll. <3
Nadine: WHAHOO!

Don: I wonder if she's read my book. She hasn't mentioned it.
She did too, Don, she praised you about it when the option became available. Good Sims like using those Good conversation options.

Carolyn: Oh, yeah! It's my Birthday! It's my Birthday! Come on! Oh yeah!
Nadine: There's the works of a new Rock Star.

Carolyn: Heck, yeah! It's my Birthday! Oh, yeah!
Lessen: I hope Nadine doesn't think Cary would make a better Rock Star than me.

Dammit, Don. >.<
Don: So...you're my wife's boss. That's pretty hot.

Nadine: Are you for real? I'm married, you dick! So are you!

Carolyn must have been in another room when I caught Donny flirting, because she was still responsive to him after the party.
Don: You're as gorgeous as ever, Cary.
Carolyn: I try, just for you, Donny.

Awww, a shot of them being cute. For almost the last time. :(

The last time they would do that without a huge hullabaloo. It was nice while it lasted.

Clayton was pretty content to be stinky as long as there were no people around.

Dohaww! <3
September: You keep Mom and Dad out of trouble for me!
Clayton: I'm only hugging you because you're bigger than me.

First day of school! She looks nervous.
September: Where are all the other kids? I guess I do live on the other side of town from most of them.

I'm actually relieved when September is out of the house. This is what she does when she's home.
September: Let's see, add the two, carry the one...
At least she's an automatic homework doer. >.<

Don is doing this when he's supposed to be at work.
Don: I love your hat, it really brings out your eyes.
Constance: Whoa! I KNOW you're married to that Storms chick and I don't want to be denied backstage passes someday!
Random Old Guy: Yeah! And you have kids too, asshole!

Don & Constance: *minus*
Random Old Guy: If I still had it, I'd be after that musical wife of yours like a mud on a pig in a rainstorm.
I <3 Riverview.

And then Donny got caught. And it happened to be with the first chick that responded positively to Don's philandering.
Don: I love exotic women!
Egyption tourist: It doesn't get much more exotic than this, gorgeous!
Carolyn: That...bastard.
Watch she doesn't pull out her guitar and break your head, Don Storms!

OMG, one of Don's ladies followed him home! Shit!
Stalker Chick: I found his house! Yeah, it's the right one, I saw him go into it with his wife! What say we surround him?
Who is she TALKING too??!

It's Don's birthday! The only people that don't care are Roxie and Nadine, because they turned him down and think he's a pig.
Roxie: He tried to hit on me, can you believe it?
Nadine: Well, he did hit on me first.
Yuri: *blows horn*
Lucky: Where's the john?


Don: I still got it.
You do. That's why you're driving me crazy.

Party foul! Someone forgot to feed the baby and now he's hungry AND tired.
September: Shut up, so I can feed you!

Look at that very nice married couple! I threw this in here because everything went crazy with the Storms after Carolyn caught him cheating.

Look at how miserable Carolyn looks. </3>
Carolyn: Don, I saw you in the plaza today when you were supposed to be working at the bookstore! I saw what you were doing!

Carolyn: Am I suddenly not good enough for you? That you have to chase every other skirt in town? God, I can't even look at you.
Don: What do you want, Cary? I've been skipping work all week to watch the kids and the one time I got to go out, I couldn't stand the idea of working at a cash register for hours!

Don: I just wanted a little time to do what I wanted to do, instead of slaving away for my family!
Carolyn: You don't get it! I SAW you with that Egyptian tourist! I SAW you with Roxie today! I saw that barely-out-of-her-teens girl follow you all the way home and shout at you through our bedroom window! THAT'S my point, Don!

Carolyn: I'm so furious with you, I could just scream!
Don: Whoa, whoa, hold on a minute!

Don: Okay, okay, you're right, I shouldn't have been flirting with those girls.
Carolyn: Thank you, Don.

Don: Here, let me make it up to you.
Carolyn: No. No, Don, I need my space right now.

Being the understanding person I am, I was more than willing to give Carolyn the night off. But Clayton was aging up soon and this is a legacy. But by space, Carolyn was probably thinking miles, because she would not respond to Don for days.

No matter how hard he tried.

And tried.
Don: How you feeling, baby? Better?
Carolyn: Better, no thanks to you.

And tried.
Carolyn: Still not ready, Donny.

Remember when they were a happy couple?

It felt like ages ago, so I'm spamming you with it.

I was so stressed with trying to get Don and Carolyn to mate, I forgot about Clayton's birthday. The poor kid aged up along next to his stinking potty chair. But I think he preferred it that way, being a Grumpy Loner.

He rolled Inappropriate. How appropriate.
Panda shirt because he played with his sister's stuffed Panda, Corey, more than his own stuffed Bear.

It's still the weekend, so Clayton and September leave the house for the park.
Clayton: Do you think Mom and Dad will get a divorce? They've been fighting constantly.
September: Hmm, I better think of a plan.

September: Don't worry little bro. The way I see it, with us out of the house, Dad will realize how awesome Mom still is and sweep her off her feet. He probably forgot she doesn't work on Sundays and so they'll be stuck there together.

Clayton: Hey, it's not just Dad's fault. Mom could certainly be nicer to him, you know.

September: Whatever, Clay. They're both being idiots no matter how you look at it.
I've seen kids talk like this about their dysfunctional families. It creeps me out. Kids are supposed to think their parents are superheroes at this age, but negativity sure does affect them. :(

The rest of their conversation was pretty normal.
Clayton: I like aqua. It's like the color of the sky.
September: My brother is so emo.

September: Don't you think blue is more about nature though?

Clayton: No. No definitely aqua, don't you think? Aqua sky, aqua rivers...

September: The sky can get pretty blue, though.

September: Especially at night when all the stars come out.

And then they played tag. The park was pretty empty for a Sunday, so even Clayton had fun.

Their plan worked a little. Don was about to get fired from the bookstore, so I had him go to City Hall and register as a self-employed Writer. And I had him drag Carolyn along, because hey, she's a Daredevil, and it might be the only way I'll get a third Heir contender. I wanted five, but I'm so frustrated, I'd settle for three. I've never played such a dysfunctional married couple before. :P Anyway, it worked, they woohooed in the Judge's Chambers. I felt like I was tricking them into it. :(

Could it be another birthday?
Carolyn: It's not my birthday, but I love this counter. Oh yeah!
Don: I wish Nadine was here. Sigh.
Dammit, Don.

Okay, I had finally felt like I was getting the hang of coordinating screenshots so I wouldn't get those stupid nametags, but I got one here, and this is my favorite shot, so I had to keep it. Cary looks so pretty!

Who's a birthday girl?
Clayton: Haha! You get angst and hormones! Haha!

I wish my eyebrows could do that.


September: TADA!
Carolyn: My Emby-Wemby is all grown up!

She turned out very pretty, which almost makes the marriage angst worth it. She rolled Workaholic, and the LTW to be a World Renowned Surgeon. Dreaming big! <3

Poor Cary.
Carolyn: We meet again, worthy foe.

She's not as excited about this as I am. *sad*

LOL! Clay hid upstairs during his sister's party, went down to laugh at her, and then immediately went to bed. But he says he's lonely, even though there are still a dozen people downstairs. But his Loner moodlet cancels that out. Silly Clay. XD

Carolyn popped the next day. <3

She finally reached a level in her guitar skill where she could play for tips so I had her jamming in the park. Constance Shelly, her first fan, showed up in her fancy hat.
Constance: I love her screamin' rock.

People were really rockin' out. That military guy looks so smitten. :D

Um, Don? Why?

Dammit, Don, those things aren't cheap! I'm trying to save to buy you guys a new bathroom and a TV, you fucker! :P :P :P

Clayton's first day of school. He sits next to his sister, even though he's a Loner. Aww. <3

Domestic bliss. Their moodlets are so low, it's killing me. I'm fulfilling ever single mediocre wish they have too.

Finally made good on that bathroom. The bubble bath pulled Carolyn out of the red.

Put Don in it too, but he jumped out two seconds later because his wife was going into labor.

Don: I never know what to do in these situations!
You don't have to. Carolyn made a run for it as soon as he left the bathroom and went to the hospital by herself. It was so fast, I couldn't get a picture. I say again, what dysfunction! They won't stay in the same room unless I make them. :P

Don was going to follow her, but I had to make him stay because of this. No way was I dealing with another house fire when I'm pinching pennies to give them a house with room and a view. :P

And here's Alice Storms! EA picked her traits because Carolyn was depressed the whole pregnancy, but they gave her Friendly and Good so...thanks? Alice is a Capricorn and she Loves Pop Music, French Toast, and the Color Sea Foam.
Also, this is Dimitri Ivanov. He followed September home and was promptly ignored because September is a Workaholic and wanted to do her homework IMMEDIATELY. So he went up and cuddled the baby instead. <3

Carolyn threw a house party, and guess who crashed it? Lots of people! But also RHONDA!
Rhonda: Grandma's still got it!
Don: Don't I know it!
Don, Don, Don. >.<

As usual, Clayton was hiding in the attic. But Alice started to cry and woke him up.
Carolyn: Who's my stinky little one? *smooch*
Clayton: I want my own room.

Also, this strange development.
September: Dude, how long has your Dad been a vampire??
Dimitri: Well, you know... *shuffle shuffle*

Yuri: Our children should not socialize this way. Being immortal and wise, I have discovered this.
Don: *stared suspiciously*
Please don't turn Dimitri into a vampire, Yuri. That would suck if September turned out to like him.
(ha! i made a pun)

The party was wild enough to warrant the paparazzi.

Jasper: Aye, I will get the best story har. Gar.

Thanks for reading! <3 I'll see you next time with more crazy dysfunction and even more teenagers!
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Nicoletiptoehappiness on April 18th, 2011 11:15 am (UTC)
Gosh the kids are so freaking cuuuuute!

And lulzzz at marriage troubles with Don, lolol - wouldn't be Don without that! But ohmygod I had NO IDEA you could woohoo at the courthouse wutwut!?!? Amazing how I could play this game since the day it came out & still find out new stuff - ha!
Jacquelinevayleen on April 19th, 2011 03:33 am (UTC)

:O You can woohoo is all sorts of rabbit holes! Basically anything you can take a tour of. ;)
aligrl43aligrl43 on November 26th, 2011 05:44 am (UTC)
September is gorgeous! I'm curious to see how her little bro turns out looking.
Haha, pirate paparazzi! I have not seen one of those!

Excited to see Alice grow up; this family is perfect with like 3 children, and girl-boy-girl being the genders, lovin' it xp.
Jacquelinevayleen on November 27th, 2011 05:29 am (UTC)
Isn't she beautiful?? I miss her. I miss all the kids from that generation.

3 kids was perfect for that gen, even though I remember I originally wanted 5. Good thing that didn't happen, it would have shaken up my whole story. ♥
Brandi Belle: Dancelizbeth_mairead on December 6th, 2011 07:49 pm (UTC)
September is lovely! I definitely see Don AND Carolyn's features! :O Hahaha, Clayton hides in the attic. That sounds just so sad. YAY FOR ANOTHER BABY, THOUGH!
Jacquelinevayleen on December 21st, 2011 12:49 am (UTC)
It was hard work getting that baby. >.<
onilplayeronilplayer on August 15th, 2012 02:11 pm (UTC)
lol, the Pirate Paparazzi totally cracked me up ^^

It's sad to see how dysfunctional this family/couple turned out to be but it also makes them very interesting. I love how they seem to follow the real psychics of such familes: the first child being the hard-worker, very functional and diligent, the second child kind of a problem-child people have to worry about and the third one friendly and quiet (so far - just considering her traits).

Carolyn dancing on that counter is the cutest thing ever <3
Jacqueline: sim3 cary stormsvayleen on August 16th, 2012 07:54 am (UTC)
Pirate paparazzi takes me back! I have no idea why SP decided to make them all vampires in Barnacle Bay gear, but what can ya do. ;)

I was really struggling with that. I remember wanting everything to be rainbows and happiness, but I had to let my sims' freewill go. ;.; And you're right! September, Clayton and Alive were textbook psychology when it came to sibling dynamics.

I remember Carolyn and her dancing. GAH! I miss her so.