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06 March 2012 @ 03:28 pm
The Storms Legacy - 7.9.1  

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WARNING: Strong language, sexual themes, drama llamas, adorable antics

Sorry for the long delays lately. ^.^; But I bring you the great double-length episode of Generation 7, so that makes up for it, right? No? Well, here it is. Check back for an updated Spare post too! I should have that up later today. :D

P.S. If anyone wants to add me for Showtime, mypage is here.

Last Time: Memory told Tersa there was going to be a school dance, so both girls got dates. Tersa asked the lovely Alisa (simply-sims) and Memory asked the new boy, Jack (simnels). The twins, Surreal and Jasik had their childhoods. Surreal spent most of her time with the family horse Smoke and Jasik read a lot of books and was tutored by his mother, Zoya. Except when he was teasing girls like Ember (scorpiosims). Zoe and Kimo had puppies, and Penelope was introduced to our brood, along with a kitten named Tybalt. Nicolai became a Toddler. Zoya introduced her newly divorced sister Cassandra to single dad Bryce (slayinggod) under the guise of a play date. Subsequently, Nicolai made pals out of his cousin, Winter, and Bryce's daughter, Georgia (slayinggod). Tersa aged to Young Adult, Jasik and Surreal aged to Teens, and Nicolai aged to Child.

Let's get this going! It's going to be exciting!

Tersa: Do you know what I love about house parties? The mixologists my father hires are usually top notch. You look like a top notch fella.

Tersa: So here's the deal, top notch fella. Get me drunk. Starting with a "I-Miss-My-Girlfriend-Who-Won't-Come-Home-From-France" cocktail.

Tracey-the-Mixologist: That's going to take a lot of booze.
Tersa: I'm sure you can handle it.

Tracey: Here's a thought. Why don't you just go to France?
Tersa: Hey, I don't tell you how to run your relationships!
Tracey: Just my job?
Tersa: Just your job.

Jasik: Oh hey, Ember Cosmo. What are you doing here?

Ember (scorpiosims): I'd never miss a crazy house party. I'm here to dance!

And dance she would, because Ember is dating half the boys in town. Oh, Ember. It's that Flirty trait, scorpiosims. XD

Jasik: If it's cavorting you enjoy, I'm sure I can try my hand-
Ember: Ooo, I see Jude!
Jasik: ...

Jude: LOL! Everyone here tells such funny jokes!
Ember: I should have asked Quintin to dance.

Britta, there's a party going on and you're on the clock. Why are you jumping on the trampoline instead of doing butler things?

Britta: I need to clear my head.

Is it working?

Britta: Nope. It's an itch I need to scratch.

Nicolai: If we're going to play Jill and Eustace in the next movie, we need to take this more seriously.
Winter: Wait, I thought the prequel was going to be the next movie. I read a rumor on Wikipedia-

Nicolai: Okay, okay, this is a setback, but a minor one. I'm pretty sure the principal characters are still a boy and a girl-
Winter: As an aside, could I be the Green Lady instead? I identify more with her character-
Nicolai: Okay, I'm confused, which film are we doing? And who's going to play opposite me?
Winter: My step-sister is having a birthday tomorrow, maybe she'll play with us...

Tersa: *hic* Hey, Mom! MOM!
Zoya: I'm standing right next to you, Tersa, you don't have to shout!
Tersa: Oh, sorry. *hic*
Zoya: Are you drunk?
Tersa: Wasted. But I came to tell you that...um...uh *hic*...J-jean? Right, is that his name? *hic* Well, he's here with another one of his *snerk* "special friends" and Aunt Cassandra won't come in. *hic*

Zoya: Jean, I am tired of the way you treat my sister! As if sleeping with my favorite cousin and ruining your marriage wasn't enough, you have the sheer audacity to bring random women to our family parties! Do you realize how awkward that is?! I'm sorry, but you've been a burden on my family for long enough, and you're no longer welcome here.

Jean: But I have no where else to go-
Zoya: That is your burden. Not mine, not my family's. You should have thought about the subsequent consequences of your actions.

Jean: I guarantee you will regret this.
Zoya: Are you threatening me? Seriously?

Zoya: Jean, I don't have to be rich and powerful to know that there's nothing you, or your mother, could do that my family can't overcome. Now get off my property.

Cassandra: No, Bryce, you have to come over my ex-
Jean: Goodbye forever, Cassie.
Cassandra: ...is leaving forever, nevermind!

Scribbles: That man gives me such a headache.
Zoya: How is that bodily possible? We can't read the minds of your kind and I didn't see him aggravate your cranium in any way-
Scribbles: ...don't worry about the logistics, Zo.

Scribbles: What if he tells Elvira where you are?
Zoya: I'm not worried about it. I'm two steps from curing vampirism and we can always pick up and move again. Once I cure the disease, there's nothing she can do to control as anymore.

Tybalt: Do you know what I love? Clean laundry. To sleep on.

Such a cat.

Penelope is ♥.

Jasik is worried because Ember is outside using the pool with some other teenagers, idk, I didn't get a picture. But I thought his distress was cute.

Jasik: Poolside safety is most certainly not up to standards in this house. Maybe I should put up a sign...

Jack (simnels): Girl, I do not like this uncertain turn of events.
Memory: Accept it. Live it. Relish it, my darling.

Memory: For I am the Jedi master!

Vayleen: If anyone is going to have god-like powers in a video game, it's going to be me.
Jack: Oh snap!
Memory: Bring it, strange, all-knowing lady!
Tybalt: I don't know what's going on with all the noise and color up there, but I don't like it!

The mystery of Memory's affliction continues.

Surreal: What the crazy?! I wanted to sleep like the dead tonight!

Surreal: This isn't fair, Memory isn't even a vampire! She's a creepy doll alien thing!

Tersa was trying to sleep off her drunken stupor.

Tersa: *snore* ...who turned on the lights...

Britta: Sorry, beautiful. They're off now. Here, let me help you fall back asleep.
Tersa: Huh? What's going on? Alisa-
Britta: -isn't here right now, is she?

What do vampires do in mountain towns when there's not much to do at night?

Zoya: A meteor! What are the odds?!

Zoya: This meteor is even more rare than originally thought! The scientific community will have to start respecting me now!

Because a rare space geode randomly fell from the sky? Yeah...

Nicolai: Anybody want to hear a scary story? Huh, huh?!

A ghost story from a scaredy cat, how novel.

Otto (cpowellscircus): Er, son? I don't think this story is-

Nicolai: But she couldn't find any paper towels! And there was kool-aid eeeeeeverywheeeere!

Smoke is so adorable.

Oh, the cold light of morning.

Tersa: What the hell!
Britta: What, what?! You don't like cuddling in the morning?

Tersa: I can't remember exactly what I did last night, but I want you to get the fuck out before I do.
Britta: Fine. Excuse me while I stretch my legs as I get off the bed.
Tersa: I don't care how fine your ass is, woman. Get. Out.

Georgia (slayinggod): Winter told me about the movie. She also said there might be a part for me?
Nicolai: Actually, I don't feel like playing Narnia anymore.

Nicolai: Want to playact the part of a charming CBS sitcom together?
Georgia: That sounds doable!

Georgia: 'Dad, I don't care about the shenanigans you and your friends got into the decade before you met Mom!'
Nicolai: 'Nonsense, son and daughter, this is integral to my story!'

Georgia: 'Also, I didn't know our Aunt wasn't actually related to you. The beginning of this story weirded me out.'
Nicolai: 'A modern family is a village, young lady.'

Jasik: Naturally, no one wants to play chess with me. It would be difficult for any of my siblings to rise to the challenge when inevitable defeat is the only outcome.

Memory: Jasik, I love you, but please shut up.
Jasik: Sorry, Rory. Let me know if you need any help with that algebra.
Memory: I got it, thanks.
Surreal: Is it weird that you can do your homework as fast as I can? I mean, I do mine fast because I'm a vampire-
Memory: I don't know. I never really thought about it, I figured I'm just good at tasks.

Jasik: Chess. The solitary vice.

Um. I don't think that's what people mean when they use that term, Jasik.

Jasik: Er. Mother, dear, should you really be outside when the sun is still up?
Zoya: I can handle a few minutes of sunlight while it sets. I heard you were looking for a formidable chess opponent.
Jasik: Well...yes. I suppose that's true.

Jasik lost. Serves you right, young man.

Zoya: Daughter, now that you'll a teenager, and are bound to grow up any day now, we need to talk about your affliction.
Surreal: My 'affliction'?
Zoya: Yes. By sheer luck, you are my only offspring born with my vampirism.

Georgia: o.m.g. there are vampires here?!

Surreal: What do we need to talk about? It doesn't seem like a huge bother now.
Zoya: That's because the virus won't be full blown until your next birthday. And then you won't be able to gain sustenance from food, go outside during the day, and you'll have the urge to eat people.

Surreal: Ew.
Parker: Actually, it's not so bad, but you'll have to refrain from eating them all at once-
Zoya: I was going to say she could eat plasma fruit or the juice supplement like me.

Parker: Whatever. It's your decision, Surreal, but you can't kill anybody. Kill someone, and you go to jail, or you become subject to the vampire council, neither of which is appealing.
Tersa: MOM! We need to fire the butler!

Zoya: Fire Britta? But...why?
Tersa: I just don't like her style, okay? Just...she needs to go.

Zoya: If it's that important to you, I guess I can dismiss her. We could always get another butler at the butler factory-
Parker: I can fire her if you don't want to.

Zoya: Then I pass my heirship duties back to you, madame.

Surreal: Why do you want Britta fired, Tersa? It doesn't seem fair to her. I mean, she's not as legendary as Felecia apparently was, but that doesn't mean she deserved to lose her job-

Tersa: I don't have to explain myself to anyone, especially a kid like you.
Surreal: Ugh, I'm not a kid, Tersa-!
Parker: Anyway, I'm going to go fire the butler now.

Parker: Hey, toots. Pack you bags, you're out of here.
Britta: What?! But-
Parker: Didn't you hear me? I said you're fired. Get lost.

Britta: How dare you fire me, after all I did for you! Especially you!
Parker: Hey, if you took those B-12 supplements, I might have gone to bat for you. Instead, I relish in your discomfort.

Nicolai: Hey Winter! Georgia and I are going to go play in the treehouse if you want to come! Hey, Georgia-!
Winter: Actually, there's something else I want to do, so you guys have fun. But tomorrow I'm choosing the game.

Winter. ♥

Winter: Hey, we don't have a play chest like this at my house!

Winter: I shall make slaves of the moon people!

Tersa: Okay, Jasik. You win. I'm going to France to woo my girlfriend back home. I guess it does run in the family.

Jasik: I don't think this obsession with love can be passed down in our genetic code. It might have more to do with the gods than science-
Tersa: No time for theology, I have to go!
Jasik: Well, okay. Good luck with that.

Otto is serious about bass playing.

He reached that LTW! Storm on Over my Rainbow may never make it past level 3, but Otto can live happy anyway. ♥

Zoya: You're looking fulfilled.
Otto: I feel fulfilled! Which is such a relief, especially with my birthday tomorrow.

Zoya: Otto, I never brought this up before, but I know it's been hard for you with me not aging with you. But I'll have a cure for vampirism soon, and I can make you a potion to give you back your youth so we can grow old together-

Otto: Zoya...that's sweet, but I've lived my life. I've accomplished my goals and raised my family, and had a happily ever after with you. I have no desire to cheat death that way. But I love you.
Zoya: Oh, Otto...


Tersa: I thought elevators in Paris would be sophisticated!

Tersa: Hi, um...I'm looking for the campus where the foreign exchange students live?

Concierge: Mademoiselle, do you know how many campuses and foreigners are in the city of Paris?
Tersa: Nope. But I guess I'm about to find out.

Tersa: No! No, Dad, I'm in Paris looking for Alisa. I won't be at the birthday party. That's why I'm calling, to wish you a happy-

Tersa: Dad, I got enough of that mushy love philosophy crap from Jasik, not you too!

Nicolai: So what exactly was this game again? And why are we wearing our formal clothes?
Winter: Wedding Planner.
Nicolai: We're planning a wedding?

Winter: No, I'm planning the wedding. You and Georgia are getting married.

Georgia: I don't want to marry Nicki.
Nicolai: I feel silly.
Winter: Nonsense. You guys look adorable.

Winter: NICKI! The bride, maid of honor and best man are all in place! Where did you go?! The bride is supposed to walk down the aisle, not the groom!
Kimo: You know, we were promised bacon-

Georgia: HAHAHA, Nicolai! You're awesome.
Winter: NO. No, this is not awesome!

Nicolai: ♩♪♫♬ here comes the groom / da da ta da ♩♪♫♬
Winter: You're ruining my well-planned wedding, dude!

Nicolai: I don't see how. This can't be wrong when it feels so right!

Georgia: That was hilarious, Nicki! I'm glad we didn't have to get married.
Nicolai: Me too, Georgia!

Nicolai: I hope Winter isn't to mad at us.
Georgia: She just needs to brood for awhile, it'll be fine.

In fact, Winter seems to have forgotten the whole thing.

Winter: Hey, bird! Open your mouth and caw! Like this! CACAW CACAW!
Paris: !

Anna: I don't know what it is, Aunt Zo, but it gives me the chills.
Zoya: Don't worry, I'm an expert.

Zoya: Here ghosty ghosty ghosty...
Ghost: Hey look, it's Zoya Storms!

It's Otto's birthday!

Georgia & Winter: Hooray!

Otto: The sparkles have never been this uncomfortable before.

You've never grown old before. D:

Rockin' old man. ♥

Otto: Wait, is it cool for an old guy to be in a band? I'm still cool, right?
Zoya: You're still cool, love.

Zoya: And you're still a fantastic kisser.
Otto: One can never outgrow kissing.

Surreal decided to go riding the next morning.

Surreal: Okay, I'm on the horse and ready to go...! Wait...

After getting on the right side of the horse (ha.) Surreal and Smoke went to the training yard to practice jumping and racing.

Surreal: ...and then when I grow up and become a Jockey, we'll start entering competitions together. Just you and me, best friend.
Smoke: I'd like to see my name in lights. I'll need a cool show name. Maybe "Blue Danube" or something...

Surreal: Okay, Smokey, I'm going to find a bathroom while you keep practicing your jumps.

Surreal: OMG, hey! Do you like horses too?? Aren't they the best thing ever-?

Jasper (everydayimsmustlin): What?! No, Star Wars is the best thing ever.

Surreal: ...Oh.

She is disappoint. :(

Surreal: I just figured since you were hanging out at the training center, you must like horses.

Jasper: No, I'm here for the free hot dogs and the race car track. I mean, my family has horses, but they're, like, blue blood, old name kind of rich, and I think they're obligated to have horses. They're not really my thing though. Horses are for girls.

Surreal: Well. That's an Inappropriate thing to say.
Jasper: I...guess?

Surreal: Don't you have anything better to do than criticize the only thing I love?
Jasper: Well excuse me, girl, for walking!

Jasik: A rookie move. With a rook. Ha! I amuse myself.

Jasik: Those rookie moves won't win the game for you, my dear. Maybe we should meet up and try playing a real game?

Zoya: You're that girl that's dating three of my nephews, aren't you?
Ember: I like to think of myself as a 'free spirit'.


I love making you all watch cartoons with me. ^-^

Ember: So what's this 'real game' you wanted to play, Jasik? ♥
Jasik: Have a seat and I'll show you.

Jasik: This is a real game. Of chess.

Ember: Oh yes, because that's what I thought you meant when you invited me over.
Jasik: Oh good! Don't worry, Ember, I'll get your game up.


Jasik: Ember, if you put your rook there, it'll be check again...

Ember: Hey, at least I'm getting better. It's hard to keep up with a Genius like you sometimes. Say, maybe you can help me with today's AP History homework?

Jasik: Sure! It covered our basic theology of the simgods. How there are supposedly hundreds, maybe even thousands, of them, but we are generally only governed by one or two-

Jasik: I wonder how our philosophers worked all that out.
Ember: Well, it's hard to wax philosophic in a 90 day lifespan.

Ember: Thanks for inviting me over, Jasik, and for helping me with my homework. You're really sweet. It's a nice change for a date.

Jasik: Naturally, I'm happy to help. Mom says it's one of the joys of being a genius, to help tutor the world - wait, 'date'?

Oh dear.

Yay! Puppy birthdays!

She's a big girl, like Kimo. ♥ I think I'm going to go in and grow her fur out a little. I love her. :3

P.S. I finally changed layer cake house's wood floor.

And since Tybalt is the same age...:D

I think Tybalt looks so sweet. I also think that he knows it.


Tybalt: Ducks are so awesome! I can't wait until I find a duck!
Penelope: Dude, you can't hunt! You're...you know...short!

Smoke was in a mood.

Surreal: What's wrong, Smokey?!
Smoke: I think this stroll is boring! I know a better way to get home.

Surreal: We are going. Way. Fast.
Smoke: IKR?!

Poor girl looks terrified.

Jasik: So do you like museums? There's this really smart museum we could go visit together-
Surreal: Are you kidding me right now? Jasik, Ember is dating everyone we know.

Ember: What's this problem you suddenly have with me, Surreal?! I thought we were cool. Look, we even hang out, let me read this Facebook status to prove it. 'Surreal and Ember think Zumba for Kinect is the best thing ever-'
Surreal: Sure, we're friends, but you're pretty boy crazy, Em. And that's not a big deal per se, but now Jasik? Really? He's my twin!

Ember: I can't avoid it, he kinda follows me.
Jasik: I'm not following you! I just noticed everyone is in here now, that's it...
Ember: Besides, it's just a few dates. Not like I'm sleeping around.
Surreal: Sure it isn't.
Ember: Seriously, watch. I'll leave the room and he'll follow.

Surreal: You're smarter than this, Jasik.
Jasik: She's just a free spirit, Surreal. Don't worry about me. When we finish school, I'll ask her if she's ready for a steady relationship. Until then, just let that enchanting girl be herself.
Surreal: Oh gods, don't make me gag. Yeah, I'm going to leave the room now.

Nicolai: A skill book, Grandma Parker?
Parker: These skills will shape your mind. The gods know the kids today could use a little mind-shaping.

Nicolai: Well, all right. Maybe a book like this will actually put me to sleep.
Parker: One more smart remark like that, and I'm teaching you a much more interesting skill to keep you up all night.

Darling, it's two o'clock in the morning. What are you doing on the teleporter?

Memory: It's my boyfriend's birthday, and I haven't had a chance to see him yet.

Memory: *sneak sneak* *sneak sneak* I bet Grandpa would find this hilarious, he was a real Party Animal.

Haha. And do you know why you're sneaking like that? Because it's the middle of the night and you're underage!

Memory: Jack! Jack! Come to the window, Jack!

Copper: Not so fast, young lady! This town doesn't take kindly to delinquents!

Memory: You ruined my romantically spontaneous surprise for my boyfriend.
Copper: It's a living.

Jack: Did I hear Memory's voice?

You might have. Now go back to sleep, handsome.

Parker: Do you know what time it is?!
Memory: Please don't yell, Grandma Parker, or I might cry!

Memory: Please don't ground me, Parker! Tomorrow is my birthday and last day of school and-

Parker: Hmmm. I guess it's normal to do dumb teenage stuff everyone once in awhile. Okay, Rory. No punishment today. But you owe me.

Memory: Oh thank you, Parker! Tomorrow is going to be perfect, you won't regret it.

Kimo and Zoe. ♥

You wouldn't believe how many pet pictures I take between updates. XD There's so many, I could rename this legacy "The Storms Pets Legacy". Instead, I post the remainder on tumblr. ^-^

Nicolai: I am the king of this chair. The king of this room! Nay, the house!

Nicolai: In fact, let it be known that I am the king of the whole world! The universe even!

Nicolai: ...since I am half-alien, after all.

Tybalt: Why hello, my little birdie friend.

Tybalt: I EAT YOU!

Meanwhile in Paris...

Tersa: Where the hell am I?

Paris is very empty and pretty. I was using The Traveler mod to get here. And it worked! Hoorah!

But the world itself is full of building shells, rather than actually playable lots, so I wouldn't recommend it for gameplay. In fact, I downloaded a hotel so I wouldn't have to use the empty shell of a Base Camp in this world. XD Still, it was nice to look at.

Tersa: Hi, I'm looking for a foreign exchange student. She's tall, doesn't like shoes, luscious brown hair, sound familiar?
Frenchwoman: I think I know of the girl. She usually hangs out in the market.

Oh hey, Alisa. (simply-sims)

Alisa: Okay, I'm not a vegetarian, but displaying it like that is kind of gross.

Alisa: Seriously, aren't you worried about bugs?!
Tersa: Alisa! Alisa! Alisa!

Alisa: Tersa?! Oh my stars-!
Tersa: Did I surprise you? ♥

I see what she means about the giant slabs of meat. >.>

Alisa was feeling a bit peckish, so Tersa took her out for macaroni.

Tersa: Girl, when are you coming home?! I miss you, I want to have you around. Like, all the time. I hate this long-distance stuff.

Alisa: Originally I came to France to study the indigenous flora and experience a new culture, but it became to hard to leave the city. And then I just ran out of money so I couldn't even afford to go home!
Tersa: I can take you home. And Mom planted some fancy French grapes after Grandma brought them back from Champs les Sims, so you could always study my backyard instead.
Alisa: Actually, that sounds really appealing.
Tersa: Good! I say we spend an evening or two together, and you can show me around, then we go home?

So the ladies did some sight-seeing, though I'm not entirely sure if Tersa actually soaked in any of the Parisian flare.

Case and point.

Tersa: This has been a beautiful night, Alisa. I can only think of one thing that would make it perfect.

Alisa: What's that? Tersa, what are you doing on the ground?
Tersa: You'll see!

Tersa: Will you marry me?

Alisa: Holy-!
Tersa: Is that a yes?

It was a yes.

Jasper Goth credit goes to everydayimsmustlin
Ember Cosmo credit goes to scorpiosims
Bryce and Georgia Tempo credit goes to slayinggod
Jack Wood credit goes to simnels
Alisa Lancifray credit goes to simply-sims
Otto Pritchard credit goes to cpowellscircus
Sumiya Kindcadd-Baker credit goes to gossamersims
Tara Sommers credit goes to Ariz

On to Part 2!

Thanks for reading! ♥
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set phasers to "LOVE ME": brittakittenmittons on March 7th, 2012 03:25 am (UTC)
Okay, I still plan to go back and comment on the entries I missed but for now, I'll just catch up here. Love the Storms! ♥♥♥

Know what else I love? That picture of Britta upside down on the trampoline. It looks awesome! Also, is it bad that I'm kind of hoping for her to do something insane and get fired someday just so I can sing "Getting Rid of Britta?" B-b-but I kind of love that song. :s OMG WAIT, I WROTE THIS AS I READ AND THEN TERSA AND OMG. Tersa, darling, I have a song for youuuu:

I shouldn't be this amused by Britta being fired. But I am.

Um, okay, onto happier things that I love: childhood wedding between Nicolai and Georgia! Who would make gorgeous rainbow-haired babies, ijaf.

Speaking of things I love (let's just keep this train rolling!), I love that your self-sim hangs out in the Storms abode.

And Tersa and Alisa, awwww! That last picture, the one of them in front of the Eiffel Tower, is just gorgeous, gah!

Parker: Actually, it's not so bad, but you'll have to refrain from eating them all at once-
Jacquelinevayleen on March 20th, 2012 01:24 am (UTC)
Britta always got away with slacking off when there was a big party going on. I guess she just felt overwhelmed. AND YES. PERFECT SONG. I was humming it as I wrote that part, I can't believe I didn't actually reference it! YOU ARE THE SOVEREIGN OF REFERENCES, DARLING!

Didn't all children have childhood weddings? Maybe not all, but I remember it being something I did and how much the kids getting married hated it. XD Anyway, Georgia and Nicolai are very cute, with their rainbow hair. ♥

My self-sim takes liberties with the Storms abode. :P It's like I'm actually in the game. I don't even knock.

I love the look of that custom world, but I'd have to spend a lot of time on it to make it playable. But the views are wonderful. It was worth it for Tersa. ♥

Parker 4evah. ♥♥♥

scorpiosims: Faithscorpiosims on March 7th, 2012 09:19 am (UTC)
Yay update! Your pets are so adorable, and poor Zoe is tiny against Kimo and Penelope! All so adorable though and I really do love Zoe and Kimos relationship. Tybalt is gorgeous too.

So glad to see Smoke and Tersa x Alisa, and I love how besotted Jask is with Ember. xD I miss having her in my game, and uh oh to her getting off on the wrong foot with Zoya.
I'm still sad about the break-up of Cassandra and Jean but she deserves better after the way he treated her. Great update as always and lovely photos!
Jacquelinevayleen on March 23rd, 2012 06:01 am (UTC)
I love Storms pets. ♥ Zoe may be smaller compared to the others, but she's also meaner. Or made of sterner stuff, if you will. The only two people she lets pet her are Otto and Parker, everyone else she bites. So she can hold her own. XD

Yes, Jasik is quite taken with Ember. So is every other teenage boy in town, unfortunately. Or I guess, fortunately for Ember. She's having fun.

I'm also really sad and Jean and Cassandra, but I guess that's how it goes. She and Bryce are really happy together though, and Jean seems happy enough as a serial womanizer, so things are as they should be.

Thanks for reading, love! ♥
scorpiosims: Faithscorpiosims on March 23rd, 2012 04:59 pm (UTC)
Hehe I honestly love how small Zoe is, but I kinda want to get a big dog like Kimo also. xD Aww, I always thought Tybalt would stay with Tersa for sure. That's whats going to happen with my pets. They all seem to have taken to one particular person so that will be the sim they stay with. Should be pretty easy to work out if you read the latest update. ;)

Tehe aww. I'm glad Ember is having fun, I hope she stays loyal though.

Agreed. I may miss Jean x Cassandra, but I like her with Bryce and he treats her better.
Jacquelinevayleen on April 4th, 2012 09:44 am (UTC)
When Kimo first aged up, I was so surprised. I didn't expect him to get so big! But it's kind of fun to have big dogs around the house, especially when they attack sims for doggy kisses. :3 And I won't leave Tersa catless - my current plan is to give her one of Tybalt's future kittens. That way we both are satisfied.

Well, she's not official with Jasik yet. He rolls wishes to hang out with her and kiss, but nothing too serious yet. I think he wants to let her have her fun, and then get serious with her when she calms down. That's my opinion anyway.

Bryce and Cass had their second family too. The babies are adorable. ♥
thesimsmonsterthesimsmonster on March 7th, 2012 01:26 pm (UTC)
Otto is an oldie noo he's still cute thought haha! Gonna read part2 ;)
Jacquelinevayleen on March 23rd, 2012 06:26 am (UTC)
I love Otto's look as an elder too. ♥
Nicoletiptoehappiness on March 14th, 2012 02:19 pm (UTC)
Britta :O

LOL @ HIMYM playtime!!

omg @ that freaking adorable pic of Tybalt after she aged up!

Tersa & Alisa <3 <3 <3
Jacquelinevayleen on March 30th, 2012 07:08 am (UTC)
Britta indeed. -.-

I love HIMYM so much, I guess I can't keep my adoration for every fandom I love out of my legacy. XD

Tybalt is my fave sim cat ever. And too cute not to pass the genes on, so I'm making him a mate. ;)

Aren't they the coolest couple? They look so good together too! ♥