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19 January 2011 @ 02:46 am
The Storms Legacy - 2.2  

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Last time, Cary and Don went to China and had a honeymoon. Alice ages up into a babe and gets herself a girlfriend, Larissa, whom she affectionately calls Lars. (Aw.) There's a lot of drama in the house as Alice really really really wants out of it. (She doesn't like Jonas too much and Aaron is a real creep. Both come with the house, apparently. :P) Marzieh and Parker, the cute toddlers of the 3rd generation, are adorable, as toddlers generally are. (Except for Alice, she was a pain.) Onwards!

So it's a typical mundane morning in the Storms house, when Don starts his sparkled death seen. :'(

Don: What a strange feeling coming over me...

Don: Well! This is a little different!

Death: AHH! Oh, that's me. Hehe. Freaked myself out there.

Death: C'mon! Can't people die in bigger rooms?? How am I supposed to get through this wall?
Carolyn: Why can't I get by? What the hell is going on? What's this urn doing here?

Death: Seriously! I'm on a schedule!
Carolyn: I am going to start punching bitches if I don't get to where I want to go!
It was the only time I've seen her do the martial arts thing since she got the belt in China, so epic. :x

I'm not a big bathroom person in the Sims. So Don died in one of the smallest rooms in the house and only one other person could fit in the room. The first person to get there was Alice, while Death, September, and Carolyn complained outside.
Alice: Daddy??!

Naturally, everyone decided to carry on downstairs where there was more room.
(eeehh, plumbob fail :P)

Jonas: Hey honey, I stopped a diamond heist today-wait, what the CRAZY??!

Don begged for his life. Broke my heart. :(
Death: Whatever, dude. You got what you wanted in life.

September: No! Dad! I didn't get a chance to say goodbye!
Jonas: Oh, Mr. Storms!

Carolyn confused me. She just wandered around the house without objective for several hours.

She also took the time to autonomously comfort her household.
Carolyn: Oh, ZZ. How are you, baby?
Marzieh: I miss Grandpa. *slouch*

Carolyn: Cheer up, sweet bean. He's in a better place now.

Alice didn't come down from the bathroom for awhile, but when she did, she ran out of the house going towards you-know-who.
Larissa: Alice! What happened??
Alice: I watched my Dad die. I-I didn't know where else to go.

Larissa: Oh, Alli. I'm so sorry.

And then they went on a really hot date. And then Alice took Larissa home. And then this.
Alice: Lars, you're amazing. You're always there for me, even though I'm an oblivious Loser.
Larissa: I don't think your a loser, sugar.

Alice: Heh. Then before you can change your mind about me, I better ask you something.
Larissa: Really? You mean it??

She meant it. Engagement and a wedding for one Alice Storms.

They look really sweet. :)

And kisses. Just in time for Carolyn to be their witness. And then I kick them out.

post-makeover!Larissa. She's VERY pretty. I'm glad Aaron turned out to be a tard, because Larissa is major awesome.
Besides the klepto thing. Was that where my radio and flower vase went??

Jonas: Do you know what might make your morning a little bit more dirty in all the right ways?
September: Whatever it is, I like where it's heading!

Jonas meant woohooing in Alice's old bed. What is WRONG with you people?!
Jonas: A little change of scenery to add the spice to the sugar.

Carolyn usually gets up around 10-11 in the morning because of her hectic Rock Star schedule. This morning she wakes up and grieves over Don for the first time. After spending the night alone, and when her whole family is out and about. She cried three times in a row. Broke my heart completely. :(

Don lived exactly 90 days. We'll always have Cary-the-Butterfly to remember him by.
And I'm never marrying a Sim to Don Lothario again.

The house is dirty, moods are low, and stress is high. So I hire a maid.
Marina: What's that? What is that?
That's the door.
Marina: I'm going to hide here in this corner until that door-noise goes away.

Jonas comes home with luuuuuuuv on the brain.
Jonas: It's business time. In my business clothes. That's why they call them business clothes.

Unfortunately, Ember had work on the brain. Obviously these two have different definitions of the term "business time".

Just another picture of Cary doin' what Cary do. I love this girl. Srsly.

So it's Parker's birthday, and Clayton was throwing a party at his house, so the Legacy Storms were going to crash it with cake and music and Parker aging up, but these people could not organize themselves into the band bus. Each one of them, except for Cary, canceled the "Meet Up" directive over and over until I gave up, when Parker started having her birthday without me.

So, yeah, go, Parker, go!

I think it's cool that she inherited Don's eyes, and I forgot to mention that last time.

Here's the unimpressed babysitter Ember hired for Gideon so she could go to a party she did not end up wanting to attend.
She's kinda pretty. Too bad my kids are so young.

Carolyn arrives to Clay's party ALONE and finds Clayton and Katharine aren't even there, or at least not a place on the lot that I can find. She DOES find her granddaughter out on the lawn.
Carolyn: Hey, little lady, are you cold?
Ariana: ??? But grass is soft to sleep on!
A++ parenting, Clay and Kathy!

Shay and Random Guy are the only other guests, and Shay is being a total beeyutch.
Shay: You think your outfit is pimp? You trippin'! *insert tyra neck move*

This is Josiah Storms and he is cuuuuuuute! Clay & Kathy, good job working the genetic code!

The kids finally show up. I don't think Kathy is preggers again, I just think she hasn't changed since she gave birth to Ariana.
Carolyn: Gonna mix it up with some tunes.
Clayton: Thanks, Mom! I bought two guitars, but no radios. Or baby furniture, for that matter.
Katharine: Well, we have our priorities, honey.
Clayton: True.
How do Sim babies even SURVIVE without me?

September is woken up at 2:30 in the morning by her beeper. I've never seen her looking depressed before work, but here it is. Poor baby.
September: Coffeeeeeee

Parker snuck out of bed to watch TV until the early morning hours, but Carolyn told her to go back to bed when she got home from the party.
Parker: I shall slumber, then. Evilly.
Heh. You do that. In your pink butterfly PJs and the pretty butterfly coverlet. Very Evil.

Next morning, I hear pregnancy music. But when I zone in, September does this for several sim minutes.
September: Yep. That's my carpool. Leaving without me. *sigh* Oh, and the school bus. With no redheads. Odd...

September: By the way, PREGNANT!
There it is.

September: Running a little late today, aren't you girls?
Marzieh: If Parker wasn't hogging the bathroom, we might have been on time.
Parker: One, we have two bathrooms. Two, you walked in on me in the shower. Take a picture, it will last longer.

Marzieh: That's nasty, Parker.
Parker: Oh? Want me to poke the nasty eye out of you with this fork?
September: Whoa, girls! I'll drive you to school, I can't go to work because of the baby.

Parker: Mom, I need some Plutonium. Can I borrow your credit card and buy it on Amazon?
September: You want Plutonium, you better get a job and pay for it yourself.

Parker: Soon I shall invent a giant dome that will enclose all of Riverview in the indoors forever!
September: *ignores*

A shot of the girls being their pretty, posy selves. They have intense faces, yo.

September had a Martial Arts related opportunity with the tattoo artist. For some reason:
September: I maxed my martial arts skill to an orange belt between babies.
Tattoo Guy: Amazing! Here's $2,100.

Ember noticed her sister-in-law waiting for a makeover, so guess what she did?
Katharine: I'm thinking something to help me hide the baby weight.
September: I got a great idea. Bear with me. Or bare. You have to take off your clothes, after all.

Katharine: OMG, I look awesome!
September: Your logic is sound.
Katharine: I'm ready for Egypt!
September: You won't stick out as a tourist at all. Trust me. Mmmm, baby. ♥
I liked my makeover more, :P :P.

Parker invited Marzieh to do homework just so she could force her sister to sit on the floor.

I had a better idea for my growing genius.
Carolyn: I'm sure there's enough calculus in Chinese music theory for me to explain that to you.
Marzieh: Doubtful, Grandma, but go crazy.

And it's Gideon's birthday!

And a side story, yay. So for the longest time, my game crashed whenever Gideon aged into a toddler. I must have aged him a dozen times trying to figure out what was wrong with the game. I deleted caches, removed all mods and CC (which made Jonas look more like Jude Law in Sherlock Holmes, mustache and everything), carefully backed up saves and played over and over, etc. I even made a different Gideon in CAS and tried to replace the old Gideon, but the game still crashed. Finally, one frustrated attempt, I just let the game run and the Storms did whatever they wanted.. Gideon aged...but this time the game didn't crash. I finally figured out it was his HAIR that was causing the crash. I don't know why I didn't figure that out when I was filtering my CC back in a bit at a time, but at least I figured it out.

So here's Gideon, the boy of a billion birthdays!

So far, the cutest toddler yet! Also, why can't I get a redheaded boy? =/

Gideon is a cuddler.

He's pretty adorable.

Parker: Hello, tiny defenseless person.
Gideon: ??

Parker: Heeeeey, Gideon! Want to play with your big sister?
Gideon: Oh boy!

Paker: Sike!
Gideon: :O!!!

Gideon is even cute when he's angry. :P

Parker: Oh God, make it be quiet.
You are all things nefarious and offensive, Parker.

Parker: Here you go. Now shut up.
I guess that's...better?

Gideon: CAR! *VROOM*
Typical boy.

Parker has been trying to plot with Zieh.
Marzieh: As fun at that sounds, I have a better idea.

That idea was a game of tag that involved playing on the huge lot with the small house.
Parker: Eeeewww, grass, dirt, sunshine! There are bugs everywhere! You will regret this!
Marzieh: C'mom, Parker, be a sport! You're making it too easy!

Jonas decides to rummage through the garbage and Alice and Larissa's. I don't know why. By the way, they've adopted*! There's a new girl in their lives, little Judy Storms.
And by adopted, I mean I hacked the game so they could have a genetic child. But it makes the game lag, so I can't keep it on.
Jonas: Better keep my eyes peeled, she might come after me!

Carolyn: Parker is trying to scare me, how cute! "Oh! Oh my, I'm so scared, I didn't see you!"
Parker: It's not the same if you pretend, Grandma!

Parker: Have you thought about what I said? With you as the genius, and me with my evil plotting, we could potentially rule the city, and in time, the world. With a bit of teamwork.

Marzieh: I sort of already decided I want to be a World-Renowned Surgeon like Mom. Plus, Dad's a cop.
Parker: Then I propose another match. If I win, you will spend more time considering my proposal. Also, I want to play a more...civilized...game. That doesn't involve bugs. *shudders*

Commence a match of wits.
Marzieh: Interesting move. Very interesting indeed.

Gideon: SCREEEAAAM! Did everyone forget that I'm here?!

Parker: Dad, is it technically illegal to build a robot army if I don't outright break any laws?

Jonas: Ahha! Isn't that cute, my baby wants to build a "robot" army! Your toys are in the nursery, baby. *oblivious*

Jonas instills a message of healthy habits into his son. Maybe he'll actually get a child that exercises.
Jonas: Can you say "salad"? Salad is delicious!
Gideon: Want food! Fooooood!

And the baby is a comin'!

We've never gotten a close up of Jonas freaking out, so here it is. He's cute when he's unhinged!

September: No one is ever going to try and drown me, I'll kick your ass!

Marzieh spends a quiet birthday Sunday skilling up on her logic skill. She wants to be just like September, only better. Like kids do. :P

What the crazy bitch. Carolyn doesn't fight with ANYONE in this game, so I'm confused.

Time to sue some. Get 'er done, Cary.

And we lose. Someone has bribed this judge, because WTF?

Carolyn: I don't understand! I've never hurt anyone in this town!
I don't understand mean people either, Cary. Or your lawyer, for that matter. If he tried harder, he could have gotten more money, that is, if this was the real world. But noooooooo...

To make herself feel better, Carolyn holds an autograph session down at the theatre. This vampire used her speedy speed to jump in front of half a dozen people to be the first in line.
Vampire: Squeeeee! This is SO worth the burning flesh!

This man fainted on the pavement, and it's how I learned vampires dream in Vs. XD

Then he died. I was hoping for a more epic vampire death.
Carolyn: Guess this party's over. Time to go home for the birthday bash.
Mourning guy: But he was so young for a vampire!
Death: Old age comes to us all, I don't care what you eat for breakfast. You could be eating toast or people, I don't care. You're gonna die.
/harsh reality.
Carolyn signed 5 autographs.

Birthday times for ZZ!
Marzieh: If wishes were retroactive, I'd wish for no party. Ugh.

The two guests not celebrating were Robyn, who wanted to watch TV, and Lars, who loves babies and was being a good Auntie.
Larissa: Someday I want a boy just like you!
Gideon: Just like me?
Larissa: Just like you!
Put the baby down, you klepto bitch.

Marzieh: Tingly!

By the way, this is Elliot Storms. Everyone forgets about him, including me. =/

And now we have-HOLY LIPS! I mean, I expected them to be big, but WOWZERS! You...overwhelm...me, Zieh. You geeky computer whizzin' genius girl.

Parker likes to block cake like Aunt Alice.
Clayton: First my wife disappears, and now I can't reach the cake. This sucks.
Larissa: 'Scuse me? A little help?
Carolyn: Parker, don't you think you should let your family have some cake?
Parker: *ignores*

And I leave you with the girls making faces.

Parker: Bwahahaha, first the house, and then the world!

Marzieh: Oh God. Mom. Take a shower already.

And that's a wrap! I hope you enjoyed it yet again. Until next time. More birthdays. Some teenage drama. And more of me sneaking less than par remodels into the house without telling you!

Thanks for reading! ♥
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Broken Angel Camelotthescryer on January 22nd, 2011 06:11 pm (UTC)
I just wanted to find out if you realize that all of Cary and Don's childrens spouses have the flirty trait. Their all a ticking time bomb of flirting with the wrong person waiting to happen,
Jacquelinevayleen on January 22nd, 2011 07:01 pm (UTC)
I figured that out already. It seems all the good looking Sims on the exchange have that trait and I didn't think it was important enough at the time to notice.

I think it's the combination of traits + LTW that drives a Sim. Story Progression tells me who's flirting with who, but Katharine and Larissa behave themselves. Larissa more than Katharine, considering she already has four-going-on-five children. Don was the only ticking time bomb that drove the Storms into depression. I can tell you that I do not have the problem with Jonas that I did with Don. He hasn't autonomously flirted with anyone at a party, except for the one day with Katharine in the house, so I'm just going to count my lucky stars and avoid that trait (if I can help it) from now on.

Thanks for the warning. Hope this reassures you.
ohsims: Gen 1 - Zabbyohsims on January 25th, 2011 05:20 pm (UTC)
I've downloaded other peoples sims and it made my game crash because I didn't have their custom hair. It was very strange.

Parker: Dad, is it technically illegal to build a robot army if I don't outright break any laws? -- I love how totally oblivious Jonas is. XD Parker is going to be one evil evil girl. I like it.

Aw poor Don. Dying in the bathroom is so lonely.
Jacquelinevayleen on January 25th, 2011 09:49 pm (UTC)
Lucky for me, google directed me to Delphy's dashboard program over at MTS. It found all the conflicts making my game lag/crash. Thank goodness. I can live without hair or pants or patterns if it means I can actually enjoy CC.

Parker is the strangest Evil sim I've ever played. She wishes to be best buds with all her family members, even when she's mean. Maybe she wants cohorts? :D Dad's on the inside, think Of the resources!

I was surprised Don's life wasn't completely fulfilled. He died with a lit of regrets I guess. :(
stars are really just gossamer.gossamerstarsxx on March 2nd, 2011 10:38 am (UTC)
Oh hi, I've been lurking your legacy all night because I am fascinated by it don't mind me.

I would like to know where you got that AWESOME ITSY BITSY BABY BED though. Seriously, I love it.

Anywho, back to reading!
Jacqueline: ms spelling spellingvayleen on March 2nd, 2011 07:08 pm (UTC)
The crib is from AnoeskaB's Twygo nursery set. You can find it on the booty, ♥

Thanks for reading!
Nicoletiptoehappiness on April 20th, 2011 07:41 am (UTC)
nuuu don! Way to start things off on a happy note, old man!


But then lmaoooo @ Grimmy checking himself out -ohmygod!

Love Alice & Larissa so!!!!
Jacquelinevayleen on April 20th, 2011 07:19 pm (UTC)
Such a lonely way to die. ;_;

Grim is such a character.

They literally spammed my SP updates with how much they loved each other. Little kittens. ♥
Zeedancinginsecret on September 25th, 2011 10:29 am (UTC)
I know this is an old entry, but I'm catching up. :-)

"You are all thing nefarious and offensive, Parker." That cracked me up. You are FUNNY!
Jacquelinevayleen on September 30th, 2011 01:49 am (UTC)
Hooray! I hope you're enjoying it. ♥

Thank you so much, that means a lot to me!! Parker was obviously my favorite through and through - I tended to give her the best lines.
aligrl43aligrl43 on November 26th, 2011 07:41 am (UTC)
Marzieh is hottt! She is def my fav up to now in my reading/catching up!
Jacquelinevayleen on November 27th, 2011 06:10 am (UTC)
Z is one hot, sexy librarian lady. ;)
captain91captain91 on April 18th, 2012 09:23 pm (UTC)
oh, this rocked!
little gideon is so cute, i think he'll grow up to look a lot like clay

and your girls have such cool expressions. as soon as i can get a computer that plays sims again i really want to use the randomised traits thing, it looks like a much more interesting game that way. i think i've only used a small fraction of the traits to date
Jacquelinevayleen on May 5th, 2012 11:56 pm (UTC)
I think it's more fun to role traits because you never know what they're going to get and you can't bore yourself by accident by only picking good or your favorite traits. :) You get some fun combinations by rolling.

Marzieh and Parker were a fun pair. I miss them.