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30 September 2012 @ 01:51 am
The Storms Legacy - 8.4  

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WARNING: Strong language, sexual themes, imaginations at work for the doom of simkind

I have literally been writing this update for a month. Life has just been crazy for me lately. There's just...so many things. So many, many things.

Play-by-play recap, GO!

Last Time: We had to seriously cut down on pets in cake house. And Penelope is going to live forever longer, yay! Lorelei and Seneca were charming children. Zoya had problems with her cow plant eating people. Seneca's IF form glitched and wouldn't render, but it was pretty funny. The kittens became cats. Hinto (randuhh) and Seneca became BFF. Seneca aged beautifully into a Teenager, even if he has a bit of a troll face when he smiles. Because you know he's up to something. Otto (cpowellscircus) died and the world grieved. ;.; October and Elendil aged to Children that hated each other. October's IF doll, Ripley, came to life. Lorelei aged up into a lovely teen.

Let's do this.

Elendil: Lori, how is this an engaging bedtime story?
Lorelei: What do you mean? This is everything I'm learning in shop class.

Elendil: But I don't want to take shop class.
Lorelei: It's still a worthy read. By the way, why are you sleeping in my bed?
Elendil: Do you mind? It's just weird with Toby and his stupid imaginary friend.
Lorelei: I guess not. I can find another place to sleep.

And she did. I'm kinda into her coloring in this lair.

Nicolai needs to make the big bucks in order to master the Horseman career, so he's now 'fostering' horses from the equestrian center to train for a few days.

Nicolai: Here you go, girl.
Magellan: *sniff, sniff*

I also put a training ground across the street from cake house. The house is too big to build one on the actual lot, so this will do.

Nicolai is also trying to master the sculpting skill.

Nicolai: Wha da ek?

'Trying' being the key word here...

Nicolai: Aeh, I hink I'm elly thuck!

What was that? I can't understand you because you did something stupid.

Nicolai: ELP!

Nicolai: Dat elly urt!

Serves you right, Nicki. Now you know what not to do.

Seneca: Hinto?
Hinto (randuhh): 'sup?
Seneca: I've been thinking about the dance coming up and who I should ask to go with me.

Hinto: Okay...
Seneca: I think I'm going to ask Shara Laroche. She's the only good looking girl that's not related to me, you know?
Hinto: I guess.
Seneca: Sorry if that was the same idea you had.

Hinto: Actually I might go solo.
Seneca: ...Why?
Hinto: You can't tie a free bird down, bro.

Seneca: You gonna be my wing man? At least part time?
Hinto: I dunno. Maybe. If I have time-
Lorelei: What are you guys talking about?

Seneca: Nothing you need to know about, little sister. Just the dance.
Lorelei: Oh, the dance! I can't wait to go.
Seneca: What are you talking about, Lori?? You're too young.

Lorelei: Whatever, Seneca, I'm a teenager, I'm old enough, and I'm going.
Seneca: Okay, fine. Hinto, take my sister to the dance.
Hinto: ...Say what?

Lorelei: Seneca-
Seneca: Don't worry, Lorelei, I'm looking out for you. Hinto is one of the only guys I can trust with my baby sister. No one is going to ruin your virtue on my watch.

Lorelei: Not sure if angry, or-

At least I see she can emote.

Elendil: My precious-
Howell: *purr, purr* *purr, purr*

Seneca: Gods. Lorelei is just so fussy sometimes.
Hinto: Well...I kinda know where she's coming from-
Seneca: Don't you start with me too. Seriously, you're the only one I can trust with my sister, Hinto. You're my best friend.

Hinto: But wouldn't it be better if I asked her myself?
Seneca: What the hell-! You like my sister?!
Hinto: NO! No, not that way, but Seneca-
Seneca: Good, then it's settled. I'm going to go play video games, join me if you want.

I admit that this shot was heavily influenced by one of my favorite legacies, The Woodburys.

October: I'm going to make it to space, like Mom. And I'm super serious about this, so let's go through the pre-launch set-up one more time, Ripley.

Ripley: But I want to count down-!
October: Not yet, we're doing this by the book!
Ripley: Aw c'mon, Toby!
October: All right, fine.
Ripley: 3-2-1-

October: BLAST OFF!

Elendil: All those Disney heartthrobs can get in line.

Elendil: I'm the real Prince Charming, ladies!

I'm so attached to Blue. Originally I was thinking Nicolai should start raising unicorns when he retires, but I'm not sure the house could handle it, and I definitely couldn't let go of Blue in order to make room because she's so amazing. ♥

Gnomes, gnomes, gnomes. You can't tell in this picture, but I had somewhere between 2-3 dozen horse gnomes and they were taking over the yard. So...I started selling them because I was annoyed, and violà, Nicolai was suddenly a Master Horseman, Level 10 of his career. :P

Penelope: Mom. Mooooom. Moooooooooom.
Zoya: ...zzzZZ...five more minutes...ZZzzzzz...

Georgia (simmypulsey) finished the athletic skill after this jog through enchanting Hidden Springs.

Georgia: Hey Rory!
Memory: Such a lovely day today, isn't it?

Hi Memory! ♥

Ripley: Toby is...is it okay if I sit on the couch?
October: What? Oh yeah, dude, whatever. Sit wherever you want.

Ripley: *phew* That's a relief! I wasn't sure, you know? But I'm glad it's okay.
October: You're a strange almost person, Ripley.
Elendil: Everything in this family is strange.

Nicolai: Winter! Long time no see.
Winter: That's because I refused to speak to you for days after you abandoned your immortal soul.
Nicolai: Yeah, well. I hope there's no more bad blood between us?

Winter: We will always be friends, Nicki. But just so you know, you blew it. Being a vampire is awesome.
Surreal: It is really awesome, Nick. Happy Birthday, by the way.
Nicolai: Thanks, sis. I'm glad you could make it.

This grumpy young lady seems to have tagged along with Surreal.

October: Hi, I'm October, are you new?
Melody (ohmysims): My name is Melody Hitch. Do you have any food?
October: Um-
Melody: Or money? Money is also okay, I can buy a taco from the food truck with money.

It's Nicolai's birthday!

German: When do we eat the cake, Uncle Nicolai?

Jasper (everydayimsmustlin): LOL, you're old!
Nicolai: Old?

Georgia is also aging up!

*growls* Why with the mid-life crises, you two?! You're both still so fucking beautiful!

I downloaded the new dog and cat eye defaults by traelia and I love them, so Penelope got a little makeover with even more striking different color eyes. ♥

Elendil: Ladies and Gentlemen...Elendil Storms, the most beloved talent of Hidden Springs!

Melody: Elendil is a weird name.
Elendil: Nobody asked you. Besides, most everyone calls me Ele.
Melody: Isn't that a girl's name?
Elendil: Isn't that a rude thing to say? What do you want anyway?

Melody: Unlike you, I have a name that befits this activity.
Elendil: Girl, your name has nothing to do with it! If you eat, breathe, and live music though-

Melody: What do I do?
Elendil: Close you eyes and feel the beat.

Melody: Okay, I feel the beat Ele!
Elendil: Excellent! You can sing back-up.
Melody: 'Back-up?' I don't think so...

The next morning, Lorelei is awake before dawn and, unlike her older brother, not preoccupied with the dance. She has her artistic pursuits on her mind. Go for your goals, Lori.

But she also likes cats. She likes every kind of cat.

Hermione takes advantage of this often. ♥

Speaking of cats, Howell likes to 'howl' at the radios throughout the house. (Har, har!)

What a beautiful singing voice you have, Howell.

I forgot this thing existed until I saw Georgia playing with in in the wee hours of the morning when she should have been getting ready for work.

Georgia: Too arms, Constable Reggie!

That's right, missy, no dreamatorium fun times for you!

One day after school, Adria decided to unload on Lorelei.

Adria: Can you believe another school dance is coming up?! What will I do, Lori?! I don't have a date and I don't think anyone is going to ask me! Woe!

Lorelei: Girl, who cares if you don't have a date?! Go by yourself! It's the twenty-first century!

Lorelei is unsympathetic.

Hinto: Lorelei! I've been looking for you. Are you in a hurry?
Lorelei: Kind of, my shop class is starting soon-
Hinto: I won't be long then.

Hinto: I just wanted you to know that you're under no obligation to go to the dance with me just because your brother thinks we should.
Lorelei: Yeah, I know.

Hinto: Oh, I know you know! You know...heh...anyway...I also thought, if you want that is, that we could still go together. As friends. But only if you want.

Lorelei: That would be fun, Hinto! We could go to the dance together as friends! Or not as friends!
Hinto: Wait, what?

You can't hide your crush on Hinto from me, Lorelei.

Seneca: I am so tired. Athletic club was brutal today. I had to run a 400 meter sprint, jump a couple dozen hurdles, swim a 200 meter relay twice because one of the guys on my team didn't show up today-
Shara: Sounds exhausting.
Seneca: It was..

Seneca: I could really use some...relaxing time.
Shara: Where did that arm come from?

Seneca: Anyway...about that dance coming up...
Shara: Yes?
Seneca: Want to go?

Shara: Absolutely.

Penelope makes failing look like winning. At being adorable. ♥

October has an unusual moment of fun without Ripley.

Poor guy is usually stalked by a psychoneurotic living doll.

Georgia rolled the wish to teach the teenagers to drive and Seneca had the wish the longest so here we are.

She had to stop in the middle of it to have a little freak out.

Georgia: I think I'm getting pudgy. Do I look pudgy? My metabolism has totally failed me-
Seneca: I'm...not sure how to respond to that, Mom. So...can I drive home now, or what...?

Elendil: What's up with you today? You're not walking around acting like you're talking to yourself. And by that I mean talking to wasisface-
October: Ripley. And at least I'm not spending the whole weekend in my PJs.
Elendil: I'm a celebrity, I don't have to get dressed before five.

Elendil: Besides, you're usually not the touchy one.
October: It's Ripley. I can never get a moment to myself. He's always following me because I'm the only one who can interact with him. It gets annoying.

Ripley: I can hear you, you know.
October: Whatever, I've told you as much anyway.

Yakeeb: It is time to make your final wish, most radiant mistress.
Zoya: Yeah, I've been thinking about that, buddy. I've seen the Disney tropes. The last wish should be for your freedom, right?
Yakeeb: I-if that's truly what you wish for, my lady.
Zoya: I'm all for it! There's nothing I really need that I can't invent myself.

Yakeeb: So be it! This shall be a long and painful journey for us, my raven-haired romeena!
Zoya: All corvus agnomens aside, let's get to this.

Seneca: ...whatcha doing, Grandma?
Zoya: I'm putting this lamp into the freezer.
Seneca: Right. The one with the genie?
Zoya: Yep.
Seneca: Right.

Seneca: Are you performing a science experiment on the freezer too?
Zoya: It is a common assertion in the more open-minded sector of the scientific community that magic is only undiscovered scientific paradigms.
Seneca: ...well have fun with that! I'm going back to the water slide.

And then she decided to cook Yakeeb. 0.o

Zoya: I know that heating a frozen metal relatively quickly is dangerous, but I'm willing to accept that risk.

I really hope Yakeeb isn't exploding in there.

Lorelei is obviously concerned about her final project in shop class.

Lorelei: Shop class is awesome.

You are what is awesome, you gorgeous thing.

I'm so pleased she's using the inventing table, inventing faces are the cutest. ♥

*heavy sigh*

Georgia rolled this unfortunate wish when she was swimming and Ernesto walked by.

Georgia: Don't you think the weather is lovely for a swim, Ernesto? You do have the body of a swimmer. What are you, twenty-four, twenty-five-?

Ernesto: This is not an appropriate conversation, Mrs. Storms.
Georgia: Not because I'm old, right?! I still got it-

Ernesto: Would a massage make you feel better? Your muscles must be tired after that long swim.
Georgia: Yes, much.

Ernesto, no.

That's Nicolai's job. D:

Zoya: And now that the sun is ominously setting, it's time for the final step!

Zoya took Yakeeb's lamp into the mausoleum and had an apparently treacherous time running around in there.

Elendil: Don't you back sass me, young lady-!
Melody: I'm older than you, Ele, by like a day-!
Elendil: Irrelevant! My opinion is the most important on this matter because I am very important.

Melody: Okay. I'm annoyed. I'm angry. And I can't even remember what we were originally fighting about.
Elendil: Zoey Deschanel's hair!
Melody: I can't even...

Et tu, Brute?

Smart, Nicki. Flirting with the paparazzi and then arguing with them. That won't backfire at all.

Gwen: I can't wait to write this bit. I am going to be so famous.
Nicolai: I think it's going well.

I think you're derping yourself into quite a reputation.

Zoya survived, HOORAY!

Zoya: Yakeeb? Are you alive in there?

Yakeeb: Released from my chains at last!
Zoya: Jacob Marley never had it so good.

Augustine: How's it going, Grandma?
Zoya: Well, how about you?
Augustine: Well enough, I'm just feeding the bears. What's with the blue floating man?
Zoya: Yakeeb is a genie and he's undergoing some kind of freeing ritual.
Augustine: Right on.

Yakeeb: You have proven to be a true friend to me, Zoya Storms. I shall endeavor to repay you however I can. Please accept my offer of friendship for the duration of your life.

Zoya: Sounds good to me. But first thing in first - let's get you some modern clothes. You look like a stereotypical cartoon.

Yakeeb: Do you know a lot about modern dress, my fortunate friend?
Zoya: I know how to match colors and set a symmetrical look with appropriately swag-like accessories, so there's that.

Yakeeb: As always, I shall trust your judgement, since you are of a superior intellect to most humans.
Zoya: Then you like it?
Yakeeb: I shall try and get used to it.

Meanwhile, Lorelei and Seneca are at prom. I made another little video with shots of the kids going to prom and a bunch of the story progression updates if you are interested:

Lorelei was understandably chirpy the next morning.

Seneca: You're in a good mood.
Lorelei: Am I?! No, no, I'm not. I'm in a perfectly mediocre mood.
Seneca: Going somewhere?
Lorelei: Nowhere in particular, thanks for asking!

Lorelei: ♪ ♫ why it's almost like being in love ♪ ♫

Georgia: Like this?
Nicolai: If you want our descendants to remember you hitting on me all the time, than yes.

Georgia: I want my descendants to remember me as a fierce astronaut. Exploring places unknown all over the galaxy.
Nicolai: Awesome!

Georgia: Nicki?
Nicolai: Hmm?
Georgia: How long do I have to stay like this? I'm getting stiff.
Nicolai: I promise I'll help you with that as soon as I'm done.

Georgia is down with that deal.

And now she is forever immortalized in the Storms' private museum.

Hinto: Hey you.
Lorelei: Hi you. ♥
Hinto: Any trouble getting out here today?
Lorelei: Not at all!
Hinto: You know, Lori...maybe we should just tell Seneca we're dating-
Lorelei: Not yet. He still thinks I'm twelve days old and would totally flip out on both of us.

Lorelei: This is nice, isn't it?
Hinto: Sure.
Lorelei: You're not impressed?

Hinto: It's hard to admire the view when you're distracting me, Lorelei Storms.

Getting a little hardcore, Georgia.

Shara's mother, Cosette, turned out to be the tattoo artist.

Georgia: Just tell me when it's over.
Cosette: I haven't even used the needle yet.

Georgia: Thank you so much. It's the little things that make us feel young again, you know?
Cosette: Just be wary! Tattoos can be addicting.
Georgia: You know, now that our children are dating, you should join us for dinner at the cake house sometime.
Cosette: I'll keep that in mind!

I decided to put Georgia's statue out on the patio instead of the museum for now. It looks so much nicer out here.

Elendil: No, Derik, no! I do not have to dress myself! For one, these PJs are very fashionable, and for two, I am very important and very important people can wear whatever they want at any time they want!
Derik: Dude, I'm just saying, you've been wearing that shirt for over twenty-four hours-
October: Just let it go, cuz. When Ele gets like this, it's hard to get him out.

October: How about a bro hug?
Derik: I'm always up for a bro hug!
Elendil: I'm your actual twin brother, don't I get a bro hug?

October: Whatever. Sure.
Elendil: Good. Because I'm very important.
Derik: Moving on...

Elendil: Mother, I don't understand why we can't eat stu surprise every night! It's my favorite meal and I'm obviously very important, and would like to eat my favorite meal at all times!
Georgia: This is what has been born of my womb-
Nicolai: Yeah, I'm blaming it on your womb too.
Georgia: Son, since the butler doesn't make meals anymore since the moon started acting all crazy, we have to make our own food. And stu surprise is too difficult to make-

Elendil: Fine! I'll have a talk with Ernesto immediately-
Georgia: Ele, that isn't going to work-

Divas. -.-

Speaking of people that aren't getting along...

Ripley: Why have you been ignoring me, Toby?!
October: Ripley...you never leave me alone. I need my me time. But if I even try to spend a millisecond by myself, you flip out on me and accuse me of ignoring you.

Ripley: But Toby-
October: I want you to leave me be for a few days, okay Ripley?
Ripley: Don't you like me anymore?!
October: I...I don't know. I need some time.

October took immediate advantage of his free time and started playing his own adventures.

October: I shall be a strong, silent monarch. But I shall still be kind.

October: Now let's party! Lobster for everyone!
Ernesto: Hot damn, lobster!

Zoya: This isn't how I expected it all to end!

Zoya: I shall survive using the pervasive power of positivity! SMILES FOR EVERYONE!

Smiles and Lobsters. ♥

I felt this update was lacking horses and unicorns, so here's Delphi and the latest horse ball. They keep disappearing, so I figure the horses wear them out.

Delphi is the sweetest unicorn. I worry about her feeling lonely, and she's going to outlive Blue.

Hermione? What are you watching?

Hermione: This is an instruction video on how to make a robot army and destroy the human race.

It's a science fiction movie.

Hermione: *purrs innocently*

You are a strange cat.

Georgia has been moving quickly in the military, which makes most of her work days stressful. And she knows one cure for stressful work days.

Georgia: Take a break, Nicki. It looks like you need a shower.
Nicolai: No, I'm good. And I need to get this commission done for city hall-
Georgia: Nicki-

Georgia: You really, really need a shower.
Nicolai: Oh. That kind of shower.

I haven't had a couple woohoo this much since Generation Five. :P

Georgia: I think all the stress from work is making my skin prematurely age-
Nicolai: Honey, you look beautiful. And I really need to pee.
Georgia: Just go, Nicki, we've been married for thirty days already.
Nicolai: Is all the mystery gone?

I'm sorry if you don't know that reference, but YouTube has been seriously cracking down on copyright laws lately and I couldn't find a better one.

Elendil: Oh, how to convince the world that I am so important?!

I'm sure the world will figure it out someday, Ele. You do, after all, insist upon it.

Lorelei: We have to keep our relationship a secret, Hinto. You're not exactly being subtle by eating dinner next to me.
Hinto: It would be weirder if I didn't come at all to your family's parties, wouldn't it?
Lorelei: But still, Hinto, we need to be subtle.

Hinto: Girl, you don't know how subtle I'm being just sitting here.

Elendil: Melody! I'm got the juiciest gossip for you!
Melody: I guess I can forgive you long enough for gossip-
Elendil: Whatever, listen! Lorelei and Hinto are totally dating and hiding it from Seneca because Seneca would totally flip out if he knew his best-friend was dating his baby sister.

Melody: That. Is. Hilarious.
Elendil: I know, right?! I can't wait for this to blow up in their faces.

October: It's my birthday!


Elendil: You guys aren't hiding anything.
Hinto & Lorelei: Don't know what you're talking about!

October rolled Photographer's Eye for his fourth trait. He also looks so much like his mother. Tempo genes have really taken over this legacy. (Kudos, simmypulsey.)

Elendil rolled Virtuoso for his fourth trait, which finally gives him something in common with his brother. Also, it fits his LTW. And I can still tell he's a Georgia clone, now more than ever. :P

And before we end this update, there's one more loose end. :3

October: Happy Birthday, Ripley!
Ripley: Wait, what?!

Ripley: Awesome, I'm huge! Hey, you should turn into your plush form! We can walk around a lego city and reenact the end of Ghostbusters 2.
October: Er...no thanks, Ripley. I actually want to try and get a girlfriend, and giant plush doll doesn't communicate 'sexy' to the ladies.

Until next time. There will be an heir poll and such. ♥

Melody Hitch credit goes to ohmysims
Hinto Amitola credit goes to randuhh
Nim Loth credit goes to simsahead
Jasper Goth credit goes to everydayimsmustlin
Ember Cosmo credit goes to scorpiosims
Georgia Tempo credit goes to simmypulsey
Jack Wood credit goes to simnels
Alisa Lancifray credit goes to simply-sims

Thanks for reading! ♥
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Lumidarknesslumidarkness on September 30th, 2012 04:28 pm (UTC)
Lovely :D I'm picturing Seneca's face now.
Jacquelinevayleen on November 11th, 2012 06:07 am (UTC)
He will not be happy! XD
red_berin on September 30th, 2012 08:04 pm (UTC)
Ahhh, I love your legacy so much! It will be sad to see it end :(

If I may ask, how's Parker doing in a different time? :P
Jacquelinevayleen on November 11th, 2012 06:08 am (UTC)
Me too. :( But I hope the ending will be satisfying.

Parker is doing secret things. :3 I don't want to give it away.
scorpiosims: Maxine Cosmoscorpiosims on September 30th, 2012 08:32 pm (UTC)
I wanna see what Ripley looks like. I always wanna see what the IFs look like :P Also I love Lori and you always have the cutest pets. :D
Jacquelinevayleen on November 11th, 2012 06:09 am (UTC)
IFs are exciting like that. :D

I love Lori too, she has such pretty looks.

Thank you! I love all the pets right now. Especially Howell and Hermione.
nernershumannernershuman on September 30th, 2012 09:39 pm (UTC)
Good lord, the Tempo seed is strong. I've used Bryce, Georgia, and Drake with some of my different Sim families and their looks infect the generations like a fungus. A glorious fungus, mind you.

And you take the best cat closeups ever.
Jacquelinevayleen on November 11th, 2012 06:10 am (UTC)
YOU ARE NOT KIDDING! Tempo genes are the strongest I've ever seen in this game. Not that I'm complaining either. ^.~

Those new eye defaults make it extra easy to take cute pet pictures.
(Anonymous) on October 11th, 2012 03:55 pm (UTC)
I've always read your legacy from the beginning, but sort of a lurker I guess since I'm not active in the Sims community, and I just wanted to let you know how truly fantastic your legacy is. It makes me very sad that each update the comments for each seem to diminish. Your legacy is by far my favorite, and the most unique! Thanks so much for continuing to share it.
Jacquelinevayleen on November 11th, 2012 06:11 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! That means a lot to me. ;.; I don't really mind that comments pander off sometimes - I love comments, but I love telling the story too. Also, I'm very much a lurker myself, so it wouldn't be right to complain about comments when I'm usually too embarrassed or shy to comment anyway.

Thanks for reading! ♥
ͅ dear hero imprisoned;: ₪ future founder. (mine)neomcarthyism on November 9th, 2012 08:16 am (UTC)
This update is amazing, and I love love love and want October's dreads :3
Jacquelinevayleen on November 11th, 2012 06:19 am (UTC)
Aren't they gorgeous?! Here they are if you want to download them!