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02 July 2013 @ 05:14 pm
The Storms Legacy - 9.2  

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WARNING: Strong language, sexual themes, birthdays and weddings and goodbyes

Last Time: Nicolai met a unicorn named Mocha and he came home with him to marry Delphi. Elendil and October came home from boarding school and wrote love letters to their old girlfriends. October was reunited with Sailor (simstrology) and they ran off together to live happily ever after. Elendil didn't have as much luck with Melody (ohmysims) - there was a lot of wooing involved. Luckily for him, it worked and they ran off together too. Meanwhile Delphi and Mocha had a baby unicorn named Usa and the whole house flipped over a baby unicorn. Zoya dated a weird alien named Aphpo. Georgia (simmypulsey) accomplished her LTW and is now a super awesome astronaut. Last but not least, Lorelei and Hinto (randuhh) had a baby named Caroline. They're brilliant parents.

We're going to begin by checking on my heiress and her babies because I love babies.

Lorelei: I'm going to start teaching you the dictionary.com words of the day because they're easy and silly and everyone knows them. Like "droll" and "quibble".
Caroline: (...)
Lorelei: ikr, why have words of the day everyone already knows? Who's running that website?

This is Caroline without eccentric, insane, or neurotic adults bothering her all the time.

Caroline: Joy!

Caroline: Do you want to play with me? ♥

She's asking you to play, Hugo-

Hugo: But my eyes! They can see! They can see the back of other eyes-

You're a ghost, Hugo. You're eyes don't have nerve endings, you technically can't see anything. See, this is me taking the magic out of magic. Don't leave me in Vegas, friends.

Speaking of ghosts-

Evan (pauselegacy): So these are the kids in charge?
Kendra: One of them is a vampire.
Evan: The family sure has changed over the years. Except for one thing.
Kendra: Hm?
Evan: You know...they look like they love each other.

Awww. ♥

That's just cheesy.

Someone built a snowman on the roof. ♥

Usa enjoys playing in the snow with her parents.

Usa: It's fluffy, Mom, is it supposed to be fluffy?

Delphi: Try dancing in it!
Usa: No, I wanna eat it.

Like most completely normal families, the Storms like to bundle up in their outdoor coats and hats and eat their family meals outside in the bitter winter cold instead of inside where it's toasty warm.

Nicolai: I was down at the center to look at the new race horses that might need personal training, and one of them was named Oreo. Who names a race horse Oreo?
Zoya: Maybe we all need cookie names. It'll confuse the cannibals that hate cookies.

Georgia (simmypulsey): Please don't.
Zoya: There's snow on my food because I'm not eating it fast enough.

Hinto (randuhh): ...I'd name him Fig Newton, I mean, if you're going to name a race horse after a cookie-
Nicolai: Yeah, that does sound more horse-like!

Dinner with the Storms.

I like to take a lot of pictures of Hinto being an awesome Dad because he loves being one.

Hinto: Are you ready for me to let go, Carrie?
Caroline: Nooo! D:!
Georgia: It's so inhumanely clean up here.

Caroline: I'm so taaall!

It's Snowflake Day at the house.

Sailor (simstrology) came over with their gifts and she is gorgeousHUGE!


Jonathan: Grandma it is SO COLD outside! I love the cold, don't you love the cold?!

Zoya: Now aren't you cute with your cute granchild cheeks? Lemme pinch them!

Jonathan: GRANDMA! That is so embarrassing, I am too old for that.

Seneca: Give it up, son. Grandma pinches my cheeks too.
Zoya: Yep.
Jonathan: Crap.

I LOVE Christmas, and I have been looking forward to the Storms celebrating snowflake day for YEARS several minutes. Just look at this pile of presents!


Sailor: Sooo...has anyone seen Toby?! Toby, where are you?!


Yes indeed. The pile of presents promptly disappeared when Sailor went into labor in the middle of the party and the entire family went into the panic.

Because of Sailor, not because the presents disappeared.


After Sailor, October, and the majority of the family left, the remaining Storms went to the festival to continue their Snowflake Day celebrations.

Nicolai: Mom, we're having a snowball fight, no water balloons-
Georgia: LOL
Nicolai: Seriously, Mom-!

Aphpo: Isn't it risky to pelt a human skull with half frozen water?
Zoya: Good thing it's summer then.
Aphpo: Madame Storms, it is snowing. Oh, you tell the most charming jokes.

Nicolai: I could have moved out and away from my insane mother, but no. I had to inherit the house.

Poor Nicki.

Lorelei: It's a shame we couldn't open presents with the whole family.
Hinto: That's all right, Lori. Babies never come on a set schedule, do they?

Lorelei: Ingenious use of a broken carrot, Hinto.

Lorelei: Happy Snowflake Day. ♥

Carrie spends her Snowflake Day burying her bear in the snow.

Caroline: I do this because I love you and it's the only way to survive until Spring.

When they finally arrived home, Nicolai started clapping his hands and jumping up and down for no apparent reason.

Georgia: What's got him so excited?

Nicolai: These sparkles feel different.
Zoya: That's old age, son.

Georgia: *celebrates*
Nicolai: Oooh, what happened to my spine?

What better way to celebrate one's last birthday than a deep fried burrito? (Sorry I forgot your birthday, Nicki. ♥)

It's a full moon tonight.

Lorelei: I'm hungry...the baby is hungry...I think I'm going to go for a walk.
Hinto: Should I wait up?
Lorelei: No, no. I'll wake you when I get back, m'kay?

Vampires are sooo scary.

Poor street vendor. This is what happens when you're out past three in the morning and monsters are about.

Meanwhile, Caroline is adorable and I am continuing to spam you with her.

Caroline favors the whale her mother made her.

Speaking of Miss Storms...

Lorelei: It's supposed to be easier the second time around.

Hinto: Oh gods...oh gods...okay, should I call the hospital? Is there gas in the cars? Do you have a bag packed?
Georgia: And while your parents are unhinged, you will finish learning how to walk, won't you, precious?

Meet Lothario Storms.

Lorelei: I love my new baby boy, yes I do! You're so cute!

Speaking of cuties. ♥

Howell? What are you doing, cat?

Howell: Being a cat.

Oh look. Another sim waving and clapping for no apparent reason because I forgot her birthday.

Georgia: I do not like the feel of this.

Nonsense, Georgia. It's just old age and you're a cute old lady.

Besides, now you and Nicolai can be cute old people together. Look at how cute you guys are.

Georgia: You're the best friend a girl could ask for.
Nicolai: Ditto.

I'm fairly certain one of them is going to die this way.

Hinto spends a lot of time in the nursery baby-talking his kids.

Hinto: Peek-a-boo! Who's my brave fierce son?! Is it Lothario?! Yes it is!

Hinto: And you're going to help Mom and Dad take care of all your brothers and sisters aren't you-?

Lorelei: Wow, it's like you expect to have a whole hoard of children.
Hinto: Well...you came from a big family and I was looking forward to having one too...I mean, if that's what you want-
Lorelei: So far it looks like you're getting one. I'm pregnant again.

Hinto: Really?!

Caroline: If anyone is interested, I'm awake now...

Hinto: This is the point where you Storms women have twins, right? Are there twins in there?
Lorelei: I hope not.

(I hope so since I finally figured to change the new SP settings.)

Zoya: This garden is full of germs. Hoawdy-toawdy mister smart aleck germaphobes!

Zoya: No, no, this is not allowed! The germs make the flowers flower and the vegetables veggie! They do not make me grow! Stop it!

Zoya: I don't have to take this. I'm going downstairs to my museum where objects appreciate me and I appreciate objects!

One day I'm going to demolish this museum, Zo. It keeps crashing the game.

(But it makes her so happy, I'm torn!)

Spring is here.

Usa loves the Spring.

Lorelei is enjoying an easy pregnancy building and building and building.

Layer Cake House in the Spring.

Baby Carrie enjoys another toy her mother made for her.

Caroline: It talks. ♥

Lorelei: It sure does, precious. ♥
Lothario: ZzZzzz

Lorelei: Ow. And I hoped this pregnancy would be back-ache free.

Lorelei relaxes for the rest of the day by playing with her favorite feline friends.

Late that night, Aphpo showed up to hang-out with Zoya.

Aphpo: And the object is to out-maneuver the computer system and use teamwork to escape the facility using dimension generating technology?
Zoya: They're called portals, Po.

Aphpo: Why did you trap my red character in a blue generated dimension? I seem to be caught in a loop.

Zoya: Because it's hilarious, silly!

Nicolai: There you go, dear, drink it all up.

Nicolai: You're going to be the strongest unicorn in the countryside, Usa.

Hinto: Try this one, Carrie. That's right! You're going to be a great musician like your Dad, aren't you?

Caroline: I'm going to be a tap dancing lawyer in the peace core!
Hinto: You bet you are!

Zo...I don't know if I'd eat that if I were you. Looks spicy.

Hitno: She's talking just like you guys, how about that-

Zoya: Oh, my head! Hinto, don't eat this unless you need to completely decongest!
Hinto: Okay, I'll remember that.

I'm so excited! It's time for another birthday already. ♥

Lothario: *sparkles, sparkles, sparkles*

Sweet Lothario Storms with his utterly Tempo coloring, and he somehow inherited Nicolai's skin. Must be a new SP quirk, because a child has never inherited a grandparent's skin before in this game. =/ His first traits are Loves the Cold and Good. So far not at all like the man he was named for...

Caroline: What's that?

That's your brother.

Caroline: Did anybody check with me before letting him do this?

Um...do what?

Caroline: Grow. Now he's going to get it my way.

Lothario rocking out the baby walker. You walk that thing, baby.

Llama person: How am I supposed to leave a charming gift basket when this giant electric fence is in the way?!

You're not.


On this cold. spring night, Lorelei goes into labor for the third time.

Lorelei: I'm never going to get used to this-

Zoya: Oh gods, you're in labor! And if the family pattern holds, it's going to be twins or triplets! Shit! Where is your husband during this crisis?!
Lorelei: Working late at a concert! Owww-

Lorelei ran off with only Zoya awake to drive her to the hospital.

Zoya: Lori, you're running faster than the car, what do you need me for?!

So when the babies woke up, the grandparents did too.

Lothario: I'm tired and hungry and if someone doesn't rock me to sleep right now I THINK I MIGHT ACTUALLY DIE!

Georgia: Children are terrifying.

Says the woman who spends an entire day in space once a week.

Now he's entertained. ♥ Cute bb.

And here they come! ...with the predictable multiple babies. (That's like five or six generations in a row. Must be the way I play this family.)

Meet Zero and Andromeda Storms.

Zoya: Typical. Vampire twins. What a family.
Hinto: *excited new baby face*

The dog sleeps in the sauna.

Hinto: So I just tug on this and close that?
Lorelei: That's the idea.

Hinto: Is this the best weather to try this sort of thing out in?
Lorelei: It's fine.
Hinto: Was that thunder-?
Lorelei: Stop worrying, Hinto. Look, other people are doing it too.

Hinto: They've been up there a while.
Lorelei: Think we'll catch up to them?

Hinto is Neurotic, so he was constantly worrying about the whole shindig while Lorelei was chill. She was just happy the sun wasn't out.

Things got romantic...♥

Hinto: Hey let's take some selfies and post them to our blogs!
Lorelei: Okay, are we smiling or going for the ironic candid?

Hinto: I've got a better idea.

Hinto: Mmrmpf!

Lorelei really got into it.

But Hinto is really into Lorelei, so he didn't mind.

He was hot when he did this.

Lorelei: Wow.
Hinto: I think the rain is turning to steam as it hits your skin-

Lorelei: Anyway, speaking of blogs, I have an important question for you. That might involve a blog for both of us-
Hinto: And that would be-?

Lorelei: Will you marry me?

Hinto Amitola is probably thinking finally.

Hinto: This calls for a celebration. Luckily I planned ahead.

Lorelei: You planned for this?
Hinto: Not this specifically, I thought this was going to be a congrats we're flying celebration, but this is better.

Lorelei: Cheers, fiancé.
Hinto: Cheers, fiancée.

//texts everyone I know
"omg hinto&lorelei 5ever!!!" heart emoji

In another part of Riverview, Nicolai and Georgia are enjoying a date at the new bowling alley.

Nicolai: I haven't had one of these since we were kids!
Georgia: Not going to stop you, but you shouldn't drink soda at your age Nikki-
Nicolai: Oh who cares about 'shouldn't do!'

Nicolai: Wow, that's like instant bad gas-
Georgia: I'm not going to say I told you so because I could care more. *sips green tea* Yep, I am zen.

Luckily Georgia's competitive streak kicked in and she enjoyed a rousing game of bowling.

Back at home, Lorelei is enjoying all the fulfilling and wonderful joys of motherhood.

Andromeda: *cries incessantly*
Lorelei: *groooaaan* What is the matter with you, baby?

Andromeda: *continues to wail*
Lorelei: Poor thing. You're just having a bad day. Ugh, why do you have to make it bad for everyone, love?

Between child-rearing, Lorelei likes to update her blog.

So...in case you were curious...there's a mod you can use that let's you have up to 60 fish inside the aquariums. And if your fish are amorous, there's some easy money there.

Just don't be like me and forget you installed the mod.


Lorelei: You're more excited than the baby, Dad.

Caroline: *sparkle, sparkle*

This is Caroline Storms II as the most adorable child in the entire simverse isn't she precious. Her new trait is Adventurous, one of my favorites.

As a Loner, Carrie prefers eating her birthday cake as far away from her parents and grandparents as possible.

Then she likes to turn on the country tunes and chill in her bathtub.

//things that Loners do.

More sparkles and birthdays!

Usa (aka Moonlight Legend) aged up! She grew with this fabulous lady horse pony beard that and a long, black tail. I adore her.

Since Usa us grown, it's time for Mocha and Delphi to return to the wild to live out their magical eternity.

Nicolai: Goodbye, Mocha. Thank you for being a part of my family.
Mocha: It was our destiny, Nicolai.

It was harder for Nicolai to say goodbye to Delphi because they have known each other since Nikki was very young and have traveled across the world together.

Nicolai: *laughs* Remember when I tried to get you to come over to me by bribing you with whipped cream?
Delphi: That was adorable. You had a very poor sense of what mammals liked to eat.
Nicolai: Yes, well...I was a vampire at the time.

Nicolai: Is it really time?
Delphi: Yes. I'm sorry, Nicolai.

Nicolai: I don't like goodbyes.

Nicolai: Goodbye, Delphi, my old friend. I'll miss you terribly.
Delphi: Goodbye, Nicolai. Take care of Usa. She's a part of your family.

Delphi and Mocha vanished into the magical world of endless rainbows and fields (and whatever the heck else unicorns come from, amiright?) to live out the rest of their long, happy lives. At least, we can hope. If that magical world is anything like the magical forest in OUAT, they're in for a wild ride.

Until next time. ♥

Calliope Elysees credit goes to kittenmittons
Sailor Winter credit goes to simstrology
Melody Hitch credit goes to ohmysims
Hinto Amitola credit goes to randuhh
Georgia Tempo credit goes to simmypulsey

Thanks for reading! ♥
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